Fifth Harmony Leaves Fans Livid After Canceling Tour For The Second Time, ‘Time To Unstan’ Says Twitter

Girl group Fifth Harmony has left fans livid after the band announced this week that they would be canceling their tour in Australia for the second time. 5H, made up of Dinah Jane Hansen, Normani Kordei, Lauren Jauregui, and Ally Brooke Hernandez, were expected to play a string of shows down under as part of their “PSA Tour” but suddenly canceled the concerts altogether after initially postponing them last year.

Twitter account 5HtoAustralia confirmed the disappointing news in the early hours of February 14, posting a graphic that confirmed the group had officially pulled the plug and would not be performing the Australian leg as promised.

“So, they cancelled. Again lol,” the account wrote, posting the statement from Fifth Harmony’s team, which blamed “necessary scheduling requirements” as the reason the group would not be heading to Australia.

Twitter was then flooded with reactions from angry fans, who first made no secret of the fact that they were pretty livid after the girls initially announced last year that the shows would still be going ahead but had been moved from 2017 to 2018.

Fifth Harmony originally had tour dates scheduled in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane for October and November 2017. However, the group claimed just days before the shows were set to take place that they had been postponed until 2018 due to unforeseen scheduling issues. 5H also had gigs scheduled in nearby Addington and Wellington, New Zealand, which were also canceled last year.

A slew of fans hit back on social media this week after it was confirmed that the concerts had officially been canceled, with some even claiming that they were no longer going to be fans of the “Work From Home” singers because of the way the tour had been handled.

“So f***in angry second time they did this,” tweeted one disappointed fan after 5H confirmed that their shows in Australia had officially been canceled.

Another fan called the latest drama to surround Fifth Harmony’s tour “disrespectful in so many ways.”

“Why didn’t they f***ing cancel it the first time, they have let down hundreds of fans less than a month out from the show,” another tweeted on February 14. “At least it’s better than the 8 days [they] gave us last time. Time to unstan!”

Many also noted that although they’re able to get a refund for the concert tickets they purchased, they had also spent money on flights and hotels to see the band on both occasions, which they now may not be able to get back and could cost them hundreds of dollars.

However, while many lashed out at Fifth Harmony for the mishap, others pointed out that it’s their management who handles their scheduling and tour dates, meaning the girls likely weren’t aware of the drama surrounding their Australian tour dates.

“Y’all can’t be mad the girls it’s not their fault,” one 5H fan noted on Twitter in defense of the group, while another lashed out at the band’s team on social media by calling them “incompetent.”

Fifth Harmony fans lash out after the band cancels Australian tour again

“I’m actually so angry!!! The second time now! And I had bought $400 meet and greet tickets!!” a third tweeted. “I don’t blame the girls [it’s] their dumb as label and management that they’re with that can’t do anything right by our girls!”

Despite pulling the plug on their tour dates in Australia, Fifth Harmony are still expected to continue on with their shows around the world in other countries over the coming months.

The band still have tour dates scheduled through March, which will see them perform across Asia in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, and Singapore. 5H will then return to the U.S. for a show in Orlando, Florida, on March 18.