‘Black Panther 2’ Could Happen According To ‘Elite Daily’ and ‘Bustle’

Black Panther is turning out to be the super-hero movie everyone has been waiting for and a sequel would be welcome. The film has received mostly positive reviews from film critics; the Washington Post, Variety, and Empire have also praised the movie. The official release date is February 16, but the privileged few that have been to the premiers have only nice things to say about the movie.

Vanity Fair calls the movie “a worldwide phenomenon,” Black Panther is estimated to rack in between $165 – $170 million in its opening weekend. The film started breaking records within the first 24 hours of advance ticket sales. The movie has become the biggest seller of advance Imax tickets, of any Marvel title according to Variety. The film seems to be gathering momentum, with each passing week; box office estimates for its opening weekend have climbed. Imax Entertainment CEO Greg Foster says advance Imax tickets for the film do not appear to have peaked yet.

The anticipated success of the movie could easily justify the making of a sequel. Cinema Blendaffirms the film’s “near-universal critical praise.” The movie should easily become the top earner in an opening weekend for an MCU solo debut film, according to the report. Ryan Coogler, the Black Panther film director talked to Screen Rant about the future of the Black Panther series. The director talked about the difference between T’Challa in the comics and the MCU. Coogler, however, disclosed that the future of the franchise could draw inspiration from the comics.

In a report on Bustle, the entertainment site says the odds of a Black Panther 2 are extremely high. Marvel reportedly has 20 films lined up including; Spider-Man: Homecoming 2, Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 3, and a Black Widow film. Plans for a Black Panther sequel are, therefore, not too far-fetched according to the report, the Bustle report points out that nearly every Marvel character so far has been granted a sequel. Iron Man, Captain America, Ant-Man, and even Thor have been granted sequels even without the hype of the Black Panther.

According to Elite Daily, the movie cost $200 million to make and current projections say it will make all but $30 million of that back in 72 hours of release. The report on Elite Daily concludes that it would be insane for Black Panther 2 not to happen.