'Grey's Anatomy' Preview Reveals Who Attacks Meredith Grey, Kiss From Alex [Video]

It is almost time for Grey's Anatomy to return, and the new preview is showing exactly what happens to Meredith Grey when she is brutally attacked. Viewers have known that this is coming, but actually seeing the preview shows how violent it will all be for her. This will all go down when Grey's Anatomy returns to television in February. TV Line shared the new preview that reveals it is a patient that will be the one who attacks Meredith Grey.

After Meredith is attacked, it turns out that Penny, the doctor who Meredith Grey blames for Derek's death, is the one to rush to her side and call for help. It doesn't look like Meredith is doing well, but of course, viewers know that they are not going to kill off this character. The fight for Meredith's life is on and could end up lasting a few episodes.

In this preview, viewers see Meredith Grey actually helping out a patient like she does every single day. At first, it looks like it is all going to be just fine and then things turn terribly wrong for Meredith. Next thing you see is that a patient is attacking her. Meredith tries to get him back into the bed and the man starts to fight back. You can see the man start to choke her and throw Meredith down on the bed. Penny finds her lying on the floor and everyone rushes to get her help.

The one person who is always there for Meredith Grey now that is Alex and he is there by her side once again. As Meredith is getting treated, Alex leans down and gives her a kiss on her forehead that is going to have everyone wondering what is going on with him. A lot of viewers love the idea of these together, but it is hard to tell if they will ever go there. Could he be falling for her or was this just a friendly kiss between friends?

It turns out that Denzel Washington is actually the one who will be directing this episode. Kelly McCreary, who plays Mer's half-sister Maggie, spoke out about this scene saying "It is as terrifying and as shocking as you would expect for it to be. Get ready to have your guts feel like they're coming out of you, because it is truly harrowing."

E! Online shared a bit more about what the cast had to say about Meredith Grey's attack that is coming up on the show. James Pickens Jr. shared about how this attack will bring the doctors closer together. They have been through a lot over the years and this is just one more challenge for this team of doctors.

"It makes us realize how much of a family Seattle Grace really is and how in times of trauma and times of turmoil, how you come together for the common good. In this case, it's saving her life, basically."
Sarah Drew actually shared her thoughts on this episode with Meredith as well.
"She is totally powerless in the midst of it. I think that probably is the most terrifying piece of it for her."
Are you surprised to see that Grey's Anatomy had Meredith get attacked like this? Do you think that it will be a hard episode to watch? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don't miss Grey's Anatomy when it returns to ABC on February 11.

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