Colombian Band Herencia De Timbiquí Collaborates With Salsa Legend Rubén Blades

Francisco Javier Vergel BecerraHerencia de Timbiqui

Colombia has had well-known artists like Shakira, Juanes, Carlos Vives, J. Balvin, and a host of others. A newcomer onto the U.S scene is the musical combo Herencia de Timbiquí, scheduled to release their newest single on February 16 called “¿Qué Será?” meaning “What Will It Be?”.

During the interview, one of the lead singers, William Angulo, hinted the song would revolve around childhood. In addition, it would be about taking for granted the wonderful things this world has to offer everyone.

According to Angulo, Herencia de Timbiquí had recorded this song back in May of 2017. Some of the reasons include multiple projects that came up throughout the year and in the process of signing with a new record label. Not long ago, the band signed with Medellin-based record label Codiscos.

These young musicians have embarked on a new journey recently. Their latest song, What Will It Be?, and working in conjunction with singer, songwriter, actor, and activist, Rubén Blades, is part of an upcoming album launch. The group confirmed it will be targeted towards the U.S.

“There is an important bet we are making this year in 2018. We are aiming our efforts in the United States,” said Angulo. “Among other things, it is the country where we are paid the best when we have organized shows and gigs. So, it is a country for everybody and there are many excellent artists.”

Angulo went on to add that their music on digital platforms (Spotify and iTunes) is heard the most in the U.S. It was characterized as rare because they have never done an official media tour or an announcement there to begin with.

“Herencia de Timbiquí is working diligently. The message we want to send is to thank people for downloading our music, making it a favorite on their playlist, and slowly spreading it onto others. Our music is reaching beyond our borders, it is filling people’s hearts with joy,” Angulo added.

The group might be perceived as a new artist. But in reality, Herencia formed in the year 2000. When they used to live in Timbiquí, the town and a municipality in the Cauca Department of Colombia, the group was composed of 21 musicians. After moving out the city of Cali, the group was down to just 14 members. At the present time, Herencia is now composed of 12 professional musicians.

Herencia de Timbiquí translates to “Timbiquí Heritage.” The Colombian musical band has its roots based in this geographic location and is of great significance for them. Their musical influences, on the one hand, is their native folklore. To this mix, they have fused latin music, jazz, and funk. An instrument actively present in their sound is a non-traditional marimba de chonta, made of a palm tree and from the Timbiquí region.

Herencia has performed with notorious Vallenato and Colombian legend Carlos Vives. They performed on stage, recorded a remix, and sang the classical tune titled “La Tierra del Olvido,” means “The Forgotten Land.” Furthermore, they will be working with another artist, Susana Vaca, Peruvian singer and Grammy-award winner.

At the conclusion of the interview, the lead singer Angulo specified that coming from a small town and being of Colombian origin, nonetheless, their music has a universal message embedded within it.