‘Deadliest Catch’ Captain Josh Harris Remembers His Father, Captain Phil, Eight Years After His Death

The Deadliest Catch crews are out for Opies now, but Josh Harris managed to get on the internet to post a remembrance of his father, Captain Phil Harris, who died eight years ago on February 9, at the age of 53.

On Instagram, Josh posted that it had been eight years and a day since his father tragically passed away. In the message he let his dad know that the F/V Cornelia Marie was doing just fine.

“Got internet today and sad to think it’s been 8 years and a day miss ya pops and ur boat is doing well sir???? #mydad#corneliamarie”

Deadliest Catch fans will never forget the drama that unfolded during Captain Phil’s last days.

According to People, Phil had taken the crew of the F/V Cornelia Marie out for the opilio crab season, and the captain was worse for wear.

Josh Harris, Phil’s oldest son, revealed that his dad’s back was in bad shape. He had four “crushed” discs that were slowing him down.

Cameraman Todd Stanley saw that Phil was “slowing down,” and was convinced that Phil’s pulmonary embolism from 2008 “really did it in for him.”

Previous to this warning sign, Captain Phil was downing coffee and energy drinks by the “case,” and “eating high-calorie meals along with his crew.” He managed to make a lot of healthier changes, but he could not quit smoking, which Josh was told is what ultimately killed him. Captain Phil was a chainsmoker, and smoked during all of his waking hours.

Fans who saw Phil’s final season alive also witnessed the drama surrounding Jake, when he revealed to his father that he was addicted to drugs.

Then, on January 29, 2010, as the crew was offloading, Phil Harris suffered a massive stroke and was found laying on the ground, his left side paralyzed.

Phil went into surgery and was put into a medically induced coma. He surprised the doctors by experiencing what his best friend Dan Mittlman described as a “miraculous recovery.”

This miracle allowed Phil to be able to say the things he needed to say to each of his sons, and those close to him. But, hours before he died, he confessed to Mittman that he was feeling worse. Later that day, Captain Phil Harris passed away with those who loved him around him.

For those who wonder why the cameras were present during Phil’s last days, the captain made it clear that he wanted the cameras on so that viewers could get the full reality of the life of a crab fisherman on the Bering Sea.

Last season, the F/V Cornelia Marie was not on the Deadliest Catch for the very first time since the show began. But fans of Captain Josh and Captain Casey McManus are sure to be thrilled to know that the crabbers are returning to the Discovery show for Season 14 — which should be starting sometime in April.

Josh had explained to Yahoo that he had so many personal issues to deal with that he could not really be on the show for Season 13.

His grandfather Captain Grant Harris was in ICU, and he also had issues with his brother Jake, who had been robbed, beaten, and left for dead.

Josh seems to believe that Jake will soon be ready to fish again. Could Jake Harris return to the Deadliest Catch for Season 14? It won’t be much longer until the show returns.

Meanwhile, fans can remember the great Captain Phil Harris, who died eight years ago.