Sarah Jessica Parker’s Pals Rally Behind Her Amid ‘Sex And The City’ Feud With Kim Cattrall, ‘Radar’ Reports

Sarah Jessica Parker’s friends have expressed their support for her after Kim Cattrall’s accusation that Parker was “exploiting” Cattrall’s grief to boost her “nice girl persona,” based on the latest update on the Sex and the City feud.

A new report from Radar Online revealed how Sarah Jessica’s pals are defending her against Kim’s allegations that the 52-year-old Divorce actress is turning the sad turn of events into something that would benefit her.

Speaking during his SiriusXM show, Radio Andy, on Monday, famed talk-show host and SJP’s longtime friend, Andy Cohen, expressed his thoughts on the controversial Sex and the City feud.

“I thought it was fake,” he said, as cited by Us Weekly.

“I was like, ‘There’s no way Kim Cattrall has posted this on her Instagram.’ This is a woman who is in the middle of grieving the loss of her brother, which is tragic and sad.”

He went on to come to his friend’s aid, emphasizing that Sarah Jessica Parker expressed her condolences in the comments section of her post announcing her brother’s death, so it was far from what Kim Cattrall dubbed as “exploiting the tragedy.”

“I would not call that ‘exploiting a tragedy.’ What was she supposed to do? Say something bad? I mean, I don’t understand.”

According to Radar Online, Cohen’s words launched support for the 52-year-old Sex and the City alum, whose friends Kelly Ripa, Anderson Cooper, and Bethenny Frankel came to “fight her battles for her,” which, says the outlet’s source, was “expected” of her.

“Andy Cohen, Kelly Ripa and even Anderson Cooper are all team Sarah and are only happy to support her in public,” the insider added.

The informant further revealed that people seem to want to come to SJP’s aid, and even Real Housewives of New York’s Bethenny Frankel is jumping on the bandwagon because she reportedly had been wanting “to be part of the SJP group.”

“This might be her moment to finally be granted membership.”

The anonymous source went on to explain that those who defend Sarah Jessica Parker in her Sex and the City feud with Kim Cattrall — or any kind of criticism at that — tend to gain her favor.

“Sarah is super aware of what is said about her in the press and she has a long memory about those who protect her and those who attack her. A lot of people have made a lot of money out of Sarah and Sex and the City. Now it’s payback time.”

Those who have been monitoring the news know that the Sex and the City feud publicly began after Kim’s unexpected post on Instagram after Sarah reached out to her and expressed her condolences.

While this might be the one of the first few fights between the two that went public, a previous report from the Inquisitr, citing the Daily Mail, revealed that the bad blood between the co-stars actually had a longer history than they let on.

Based on the report, Kim had been portrayed as the villain whenever SJP and the Sex and the City cast had the chance, but in reality, she had actually been an outcast. The Daily Mail explained that it may have something to do with the actresses’ “contentious relationship” that boiled down to a contest of who is the bigger star.