‘Jurassic Park 4’ Is A Go With Spielberg Attached

Looks like Jurassic Park 4 is a go! According to the Hollywood Reporter after many failed starts, it looks like both Universal Pictures and Steven Spielberg are ready to tackle the next installment to the Jurassic Park franchise. This sequel may see Steven Spielberg return to the director’s chair, after abandoning it in the last Jurassic Park film.

Although the director’s chair is unknown right now, it looks like Spielberg will definitely be on board for at least a producing role so that’s pretty promising. In an impressive turn, Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver of Rise of The Planet of The Apes are said to be in the process of writing the script. Looks like if Spielberg passes on the director’s gig, at least we’ll have an entertaining and meaty script to look forward to.

This fourth install has been around for years, but there wasn’t any sign of further development. Now Universal has given the awaited film a July 13, 2014 release date, which means at least some things have been agreed upon. The last Jurassic-related sequel was way back in 2001. Since then there has been huge technological advancements, particular in 3D animation.

According to Frank Marshall, the co-producer, this movie will use animatronic dinosaurs in favor of the 3D hype. It’s a nice sign that they don’t plan to change too much from the original franchise. It suggests that the producers along with Universal still want to get to the heart of the story, which is a good sign for any Spielberg and Jurassic Park enthusiast.

While we do have a release date, there doesn’t seem to be any releases in synopsis. Hopefully we’ll be receiving information on that relatively soon.

Are you excited for the long-awaited Jurassic Park 4?