'General Hospital' Spoilers: Valentin's Twisted Alliance With Anna's Son Peter

General Hospital spoilers promise that there's much more story to tell about the child of Cesar Faison (Anders Hove) and Anna Devane (Finola Hughes). Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) is playing a dangerous game toying with Anna. We'll soon find out that he's got a long-standing relationship with Peter August (Wes Ramsey), aka Henrik Faison, and that means Valentin knew about Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Drew Cain (Billy Miller) and what was done to them.

Valentin Still Lying To Anna, But Why?

GH spoilers from Soap Central predict that Valentin sticks close to Nina Reeves (Michelle Stafford), but his devotion won't save him from her wrath once she finds out what he's been hiding. Anna will also be furious at Valentin, and the man might find himself cornered by the woman he loves now and the woman he once loved as both explode over his lies. Since Valentin knew Peter before he came to Port Charles, he also knew about Faison and his scheme.

That means that Valentin keeping secrets contributed to Nathan's death and that's something Nina will find unforgivable. Plus, Valentin lying to Anna and telling her that she has a daughter who went on and lived a happy life is a terrible betrayal. Valentin is playing with fire and the clock is running out on his lies. Once Peter is exposed as Henrik, then Anna will corner him with questions, find out about his being abandoned by his mom, and will know that he's her child and Valentin lied.

Faison Tried To Tell Anna About Valentin

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Hub question whether "Peterik," as they are calling him, is good or bad. Their readers voted that they felt Faison's son was evil, but that's not necessarily the case. Given that half his genes came from Anna, he might have a fighting chance, but finding out that Valentin has been an influence in his life for a long time is also problematic. Valentin is capable of being dangerous when he needs to be, and it appears he's been whispering in Peter's ear for quite some time.

If you go back to the GH episode of January 29 just before Faison died, he dropped a big clue to Anna but she didn't understand it at the time. Anna asked Faison if Henrik turned on him because he tortured his son and Faison told her it wasn't his fault. Anna asked whose fault it is and he said "Cassadine's." She demanded to know which Cassadine but was then caught grilling the dying man and ejected and told to come back with a witness. Anna assumed Faison meant Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers), but she's wrong.

Peter And Valentin's Strange Relationship

Lucky for Valentin that Faison croaked before he could specify which Cassadine turned Henrik against him. General Hospital spoilers revealed that Valentin has known about Henrik since he was born and has known all along that he's Anna son. That also explains Valentin's remarks to Peter at The Floating Rib on Monday's episode. Valentin seems to have a close bond with Peter and might even be his pseudo-dad and mentor. Valentin told Peter that he needs to trust him and stay in Port Charles.

He reminded Peter that if he left now, Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) might become suspicious. Valentin leaned in and quietly asked Peter, "Haven't I always looked out for you in the past?" That makes it quite clear that the two do have a past and that he's the Cassadine that Faison was referring to in his deathbed confession. Faison told Anna that he never wanted Peter and ditched him at boarding school. But unlike Faison, Valentin did care about the kid, if for no other reason than because he was Anna's.

Is Valentin A Guardian Angel Or Demon?

All these decades, Valentin knew about Peter and GH spoilers say he was involved in his life. Given Valentin's obsession with Anna, it makes sense that he would use Peter, her son, to punish Faison who was also obsessed with Anna. Since Valentin found out about Henrik at birth, he kept his eye on the boy, according to spoilers, and was the one that helped him turn traitor on Faison. But what remains to be seen is what were Valentin's ulterior motives.

Was Valentin protecting Anna's son and being kind to him while Faison neglected the young man? There's more to come, and General Hospital spoilers from an interview with writer Chris Van Etten predict that although Valentin wasn't involved in the twin swap, he knew about it because of his ties to Henrik. With Faison dead, there seems little doubt that Valentin and Peter will soon have to answer for what they knew and the fallout from these events.

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