Blake Lively Stuns Followers With A Picture Of Her 61lb Weight Loss

Part of being a celebrity is making sure your body is in the best shape possible. This means that once you have a baby, the pressure to lose the weight as fast as possible is on. Blake Lively, famous for her stint on CW’s Gossip Girl, has showed off her 61lb weight loss to her fans on social media.

The star wrote on her Instagram that she couldn’t have loss the baby weight without her personal trainer, Don Saladino. She says it took her 10 months to gain the baby weight and 14 months to lose all of it.

Blake Lively and husband Ryan Reynolds are parents to two daughters, James and Inez. Blake gave birth to Inez in September of 2016, and have finally been able to declare herself at her pre-baby weight once again.

On her social media, Blake Lively admitted that she spent time scrolling through Instagram wondering why she couldn’t look like all of the Instagram bikini models. She says that her trainer was on hand to “kick her a double s” into shape so she could regain her svelte figure.

Although she and Ryan Reynolds both have active careers in the industry, the family rarely makes public appearances. The last time they did was at the Deadpool premiere in 2016.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds and family

The star is currently working on the film The Rhythm Section. She recently injured her hand while filming the movie, but was still determined to get her pre-baby body back in shape.

The filming of the movie has been temporarily halted due to the hand injury she sustained, and it won’t continue until June 2018.

According to IMDB, the film is about a woman seeking revenge against those who plotted to kill her family in a plane crash. The movie will star Jude Law and Max Casella in leading roles alongside Blake Lively.

Blake Lively has proudly shared images of the producer of the film, Barbara Broccoli, to celebrate women in film.

The star has shown off several wigs that she will be donning in the movie to her Instagram followers, including a Betty Paige-like brown wig and a jet black pixie cut.