Chris Hemsworth Wants People To Visit Australia As He Shows Off Kangaroo Island On Instagram

Chris Hemsworth is apparently on vacation with his family, and while the actor may be spending quality time with his wife and children, he has also decided to show people what makes Australia so special. After a recent advertisement to get people to visit Australia made the world believe that a Crocodile Dundee remake might be in the works with Hemsworth as part of the cast, it makes sense that the actor might want to show off what makes his home vacation-worthy.

Over the last few days, Chris Hemsworth has given his fans a taste of what Australia has to offer with a series of pictures on Instagram, and even a visit to Jacobs Creek Wine, where he and his wife, Elsa Pataky, were able to make their own wine and indulge in some tastings. However, it is the pictures of Kangaroo Island that may be what ultimately convinces people they should be coming to Australia.

In the first video posted to Instagram by Chris Hemsworth tagging Kangaroo Island, fans of the actor get a close up of dolphins swimming. As the camera is turned around, it becomes clear that Hemsworth is actually swimming with these dolphins, and based on his facial expression, enjoying every moment of it.

After the dolphin video, Chris Hemsworth then posted a series of pictures in which he showed off some of the other things that Kangaroo Island had to offer. Not only did the actor have the chance to swim with the dolphins, but he also got to cuddle with a koala, engage with a snake, show off the sea lions to his daughter, and even enjoy some fishing. In the caption for the pictures, Hemsworth points out each of these interesting things he had the chance to do, before telling his followers that Kangaroo Island is “another amazing place to visit” when people come to Australia.

As the Daily Mail reported, it is likely that Chris Hemsworth’s push to show the beauty of Australia is all part of his role as an ambassador for the country. However, even if this is the reason for the Instagram posts encouraging people to come visit, based on the pictures and videos themselves, it is clear that the actor had a lot of fun with his family as they got to see the sights, and engage in some very special moments together. Plus, with Elsa Pataky also posting from Kangaroo Island, showing an early morning picture featuring a kangaroo in the distance, it is clear that this trip is all about family, no matter what the captions have to say.