Jake Arrieta Turned Down Last-Minute Contract Offer From Chicago Cubs

Jake Arrieta had a chance to return to the Chicago Cubs. Prior to the Chicago Cubs agreeing to terms on a six-year deal (courtesy of the Athletic) with star pitcher Yu Darvish, they made a call to Jake Arrieta.

That call the Cubs made was to gauge Arrieta’s interest in coming back.

As far fetched as the notion sounds, there are reports that the Cubs made an attempt to bring Jake Arrieta back. It sounds odd, primarily because both sides appeared to have moved on from one another. Nothing was made clearer proving that point when Jake Arrieta politely said no.

According to Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports, Jake Arrieta turned down the Chicago Cubs’ last-minute attempt to bring him back. Is it a decision that the former Cy Young winner will soon regret?

Jake Arrieta has his suitors. Much like Yu Darvish was, Arrieta is a highly coveted free agent, who will make any team he plays for better. For Jake Arrieta any and all regrets will come down to one thing — the overall fit.

A World Series ring and a Cy Young award is among Jake Arrieta’s many accomplishments. His pay has not commensurated with his performance, therefore it is difficult to blame Jake Arrieta for seeking a large pay day. The team which pays Arrieta will make all the difference in the world.

Jake Arrieta’s career may be defined by which MLB team he pitches for next.

With the Chicago Cubs, Jake Arrieta was an aggressive pitcher, who always came at opposing hitters in and around the strike zone. Velocity became an issue during the last season Jake Arrieta had with the Cubs. It affected Arrieta’s command of the box, requiring some tweaks in his mechanics.

The next ballclub will have to convince Jake Arrieta to continue tweaking his approach on the mound the way that the Cubs did. If that team fails it will diminish Jake Arrieta’s accomplishments, rendering him as a pitcher who got lucky with a memorable Cubs team.

Continued success on the mound will allow observers to recognize Jake Arrieta as one of the best pitchers of the decade.

If a team such as the Milwaukee Brewers, which is one of the Cubs’ chief rivals, were to sign Jake Arrieta, he will have a chance to win as the ace of a pitching staff. However, Arrieta accepting an offer from the Philadelphia Phillies, a team which is two or three seasons away from contending for a playoff spot, could damage his career.

If the Chicago Cubs go on to win another World Series before Jake Arrieta reaches the postseason again it will just as damaging. Arrieta can alter to narrative by pitching well for his new team, doing what he can to help them win.

The Milwaukee Brewers and Washington Nationals are the best landing spots for Jake Arrieta, in regards of winning situations. Both the Brewers and Nationals have the expectations to be where the Cubs are. Jake Arrieta landing with one of those teams puts himself in a winning situation, much like the Cubs did.

Jake Arrieta wants to get paid and win. Arrieta did not want to take the last-minute offer from the Cubs. Perhaps because he was not the Cubs’ top choice. The Cubs made Yu Darvish their top option over Arrieta.

Consequently, Jake Arrieta turned down the Chicago Cubs’ offer, which eventually got the ball rolling for the MLB hot stove. How it affects Arrieta and the Cubs going forward remains to be seen.

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