Phaedra Parks Posts Message About Not Looking Back Ahead Of Porsha Williams And Mama Joyce Scene

Is Phaedra Parks watching the current season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta? If she is, then she would have watched how, on tonight’s episode, she was a big topic of conversation between Kandi Burruss’ mom, Mama Joyce, and Porsha Williams. During the talk, which was previewed after last week’s episode aired, Mama Joyce pressed Porsha on how she could have really believed what Phaedra told her last season, that Kandi and her husband, Ken Todd, once wanted to drug rape her. Right when the episode aired, Phaedra posted a message to her Instagram page that may have been a response to her former co-stars talking about her.

Phaedra posted a photo of herself looking glamorous while at New York Fashion Week. Interestingly, the photo doesn’t show her looking right at the camera, but sideways. The look on her face is as if she sees something she doesn’t like. Accompanying her photo was a message that the only time people should look back is to see how far they have come.

Many people assumed that Phaedra’s message was about The Real Housewives of Atlanta. One person commented on Phaedra’s “shade.”

“relentlessshade: The shade! You look bomb mamas”

Another person commented that while Phaedra is out there living her best life, her former co-stars are still fighting over the same things.

“wilrobfitLol: @phaedraparks out here living her best life while these girls on tv still fighting over old stuff! #teamPhaedra”

One person even told Phaedra that the show better be paying her because of how much she’s mentioned this season.

“debtheitgirl: @phaedraparks I sure hope you are getting a RHOA check this season because they don’t have a storyline without referencing you. SMH”

Yet there was one person who told Phaedra that she should look back and re-evaluate what she did to get fired from the show.

“lavishashteamz: Phaedra but you were wrong so you should look back and reevaluate why you what you did to loose your peach????.”

On the latest The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode, Kandi Burruss’ mom, Mama Joyce, requested a meeting with Porsha Williams. When they got together, Mama Joyce talked about what happened last season, when Porsha was involved in spreading the claim that Kandi and her husband, Todd Tucker, once wanted to drug and rape her.

As viewers saw, on the Season 9 reunion show, Porsha finally revealed that it was Kandi’s former friend, Phaedra Parks, that told her that information. As Kandi erupted in anger at Phaedra for spreading such a lie about her, Porsha herself became stunned when Phaedra admitted that she didn’t have first hand knowledge of her claim, but had only heard from someone else that Kandi and Todd had wanted to do that. Upon realizing that Phaedra may have simply used her to get back at Kandi, Porsha cried that she would never have publicly accused Kandi and Todd of wanting to rape her if she knew it was only hearsay.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after the Season 9 reunion show aired, Real Housewives executive producer and reunion host Andy Cohen admitted that Phaedra was fired from the show because the rest of the cast didn’t want anything to do with her.

Since Phaedra’s departure from the show, Porsha has repeatedly begged for forgiveness while still maintaining that she truly believed Phaedra. During their talk, Mama Joyce questioned Porsha on whether she honestly believed that what Phaedra told her was the truth. Porsha, pointing out that Phaedra’s a lawyer, answered that she really did believe Phaedra. Porsha insisted that she had no idea that Phaedra may have been lying about Kandi. Surprisingly, instead of lashing out at Porsha, Mama Joyce was understanding. Yet Mama Joyce did point out to Porsha that if Kandi was a vindictive person, she could have really punished her and went after her for spreading such a damaging lie.

After the episode aired, Porsha Williams posted a photo taken of her and Mama Joyce during their meeting. Porsha indicated that she and Mama Joyce now have a great relationship. Perhaps viewers will soon see Mama Joyce trying to convince her daughter, Kandi Burruss, to finally forgive Porsha for her involvement in the Phaedra Parks scandal.