Jacob Roloff’s Fiancee Izzy Poses With Soon-To-Be Sisters-In-Law, Squashes Feud Rumors With Audrey

Amy Roloff/Instagram

Isabel Sofia “Izzy” Rock, fiancee of former Little People, Big World star Jacob Roloff, posed in a series of photographs with her future sisters-in law Tori and Audrey, wives of Zach and Jeremy, respectively. The move puts to rest rumors Jacob and Audrey are not in good terms.

Izzy and Tori modeled for Audrey’s clothesline. All three ladies wore embroidered sweatshirts from Audrey’s Always More brand as they posed at the back of an old pickup truck. The three shared photos from the shoot on their respective social media accounts.

Some people were quick to notice how the three looked so happy together, which contradicts previous rumors of an ongoing feud involving Audrey, as reported by Radar Online. The rumor started after Jacob unfollowed Audrey on Instagram. The rumored feud got worse after Audrey posted messages on social media that seemingly targeted Izzy and Jacob.

Audrey received backlash from some fans who claimed the Little People Big World star was trying to ruin Izzy and Jacob’s engagement with the posts she recently shared. According to these people, Audrey did not agree with Izzy and Jacob getting married at a relatively young age as she preached about the value of waiting for the right moment, as reported in another Inquisitr article.

Audrey made sure to douse the fire by stating she loves Izzy, as well as Tori.

“When you have the cutest sister and future sister (eeekk) who are down to model for your shop on a pinch,” Audrey said. “Freaking love them!”

Izzy, meanwhile, also showed love for Audrey and Tori through her own post.

“I’m so lucky that I gain three sisters by coming into this family,” Izzy said. “To receive encouragement from, endless support and to always have them to lean on. Love you ladies, just missing you Molly.”

A number of followers pointed out how the three, especially Izzy and Audrey, look like biological sisters.

“Can anyone tell me if the two redheads are sisters in real-life,” asked one person. “They look a lot alike!”

“Izzy and Jacob are a mini you and Jer omg,” said another on Audrey’s post.

“You look like actual sisters,” added another. “Such a beautiful bond you all have.”

Aside from having similar looks, other followers commended the three for having a great relationship.

“I wish I had the same relationship with my in laws,” said one follower. “#sistergoals. Love it!!”

“It’s so awesome you all get along and have a close relationship,” someone wrote on Izzy’s post.

Of the three ladies, Audrey seems to have the most critics. She can’t seem to shake off her detractors as a few people commented negatively about Audrey on Tori’s post.

One fan said “nobody really likes Audrey” while another agreed, saying Audrey is “self absorbed and shallow.” The critic also said Audrey and Jeremy seem to be obsessed about themselves. She went on to say Audrey should stop caring about her looks and pay more attention to her daughter Ember Jean.

Another person claims she gets the vibe Audrey is always “secretly judging everyone” while also describing her as “shallow” and “disrespectful.” The follower further said Audrey gets away with “being rude all the time.”