Duggar Family Bashed For 'Not Learning Anything' In New Zealand

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have travelled the world. Fans have seen them have the opportunity to visit Ireland, the UK, Japan, Nepal, Israel, and other places as they spread their ministry and promote their television show and books.

The family recently traveled to Australia and New Zealand with their brood, excluding their married children and John David Duggar. Also along for the ride was Josiah Duggar's girlfriend, Lauren Swanson.

While the family spoke to followers of IBLP (Institute in Basic Life Principles) Down Under, they also took time out to appreciate the natural beauty of the countries. In both countries, they visited museums, wildlife preserves and took the time to beat the heat by swimming in a lake nearby.

However, the family has been recently bashed on their Facebook page for having "gone all the way to Australia and New Zealand and not learning a thing."

The accusation came on their official Facebook page, where they share photos of family moments, milestones and information about upcoming appearances.

Underneath a photo of an extinct animal native to New Zealand, called a moa, stood three of the Duggar children and two friends smiling next to it.

Michelle Duggar, who is widely thought to run the page, said that they didn't know what kind of animal they were posing with, but stated that it made a "great photo opportunity."


While most fans of the Duggar family were helpful and quickly let the family know they were posing next to a moa, which went extinct in the 1300 or 1400s after the arrival of the Maori people due to overhunting, some bashed the family for not having learned anything while they were overseas.

"Let's visit NZ without bothering to learn anything," one fan wrote to the family. The person went on to say they were angry that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were promoting the Pearl family and their book, which is said to have promoted child abuse and instances of children dying at their parents' hands.

The Duggar family and the Forsyth family, Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth's in-laws, have both directly or indirectly promoted the material.

Others noted that the bird could have been a prehistoric animal that went extinct more than 6,000 years ago, though the Duggar family does not believe in evolution.