Texas Rangers News: Team Announces Full-Time First Baseman For 2018

Texas Rangers news has confirmed rumors that had been floating around this MLB offseason. Rangers manager Jeff Banister will be working with a full-time first baseman, as Joey Gallo has been tapped as the man to get most of the playing time during the 2018 MLB season.

A report by Evan Grant at the Dallas Morning News confirms this bit of information. It was something that had been expected, but the front office of the Rangers finally confirmed the news that Gallo will be the full-time first baseman with a healthy Adrian Beltre at third base.

Gallo had bounced around from first base to third base to the outfield last year. With Beltre dealing with several different injuries, it forced the team to try to adjust the roster several times. Gallo even made a go of it in the outfield, but the front office now has a plan to give him static playing time at first base. Texas Rangers manager Jeff Banister made a statement about the official decision while confirming the news.

“When you are playing multiple positions, it does take a toll. This will keep him fresh, allow him to settle in, to work on things and focus on the offensive side.”

During the 2017 MLB season, Joey Gallo played in 145 games for the Texas Rangers. His power hitting was finally on display, as Gallo had 41 home runs and 80 RBIs to show for the season. The now 24-year-old also had a lot of strikeouts, with 196 on the year, but his power at the plate was undeniable. Now, the Rangers are going to give him a shot at becoming more consistent at the plate by announcing early that he will be the full-time first baseman for the team.

This is exactly what Gallo has expressed interest in happening. Not only does it set up Gallo in a situation where he doesn’t have to worry about where he is playing on any given day, but it also gives the Texas Rangers a lot of stability with the infield. Manager Jeff Banister now has a group of four players that he can pencil into the lineup every day. The only question left, is whether this team has what it takes to keep up with the Houston Astros, Los Angeles Angels, and Seattle Mariners in the American League West.