PlayStation 5 Out Now, Trailer Takes Over Facebook


The PlayStation 5 is out now for $500–that is, according to this very convincing fan-made PS5 trailer that had many of us fooled.

Gaming technology is at its peak in the recent years, with virtual reality and augmented reality taking the forefront in the two major gaming consoles today, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. The PS4 will turn 5 years old this coming November and that has many people asking, “When will the PS5 come out?”

The PS4 released in November 2013, seven years after the PS3 came out in November 2006. The PS2 released six years earlier than the PS3 in March 2000, while the original PlayStation console released six years prior in December 1994.

Following this six- to seven-year trend of Sony, it’s highly possible that we’ll be expecting the PS5 to come out sometime around 2019 to 2020. This has been the prediction of many, such as industry analyst Michael Pachter, who said just five months ago that Sony can release the PlayStation 5 as early as next year, US Gamer reported.

Because of Sony’s lack of comments about the PS5, many people resorted to theorizing what the next PlayStation console could be. According to Christian Today, rumors about the PS5 include the console becoming a full 4K high-dynamic range (HDR) platform able to deliver 60 fps, equipped with a 2 TB built-in memory and an external 3.0 drive for additional space. People are also speculating that the PS5 would follow the Nintendo Switch route by revolutionizing its Dualshock controller design.

Playstation dualshock controller
Featured image credit: Kevork DjansezianGetty Images

In response to the many speculations and rumors about the upcoming PS4 successor, many fan-made PS5 trailers made it to the online sphere. But among the several videos that people have seen is one particular trailer video that had many people thinking if the release date of the PS5 is a legitimate leak or a fake.

The PS5 trailer went viral on various Spanish gaming groups on Facebook this year. None of the groups and YouTubers who reposted the said PS5 trailer credited the trailer to the original creator but from Inquisitr’s research, one of the oldest uploads of the video belong to Youtuber Hans EDT, who posted the PlayStation 5 Trailer Oficial way back in August 2016.

The PS5 trailer is very well made and puts together many of the speculations and discussions about the upcoming PlayStation console. The features of the PS5, according to the fake trailer video, include Blu-Ray Disc support, a touchscreen interface, a 2-TB quick-release SSD, 4K resolution at 120 fps, and a revolutionary Dualshock 5 controller design equipped for PlayStation’s VR feature.

As seen in the PS5 trailer video, the DualShock controller can be broken into three pieces, where the two ends double as a PlayStation VR Move controller. The middle part, on the other hand, is equipped with a touchpad and keyboard to access the “thousands of apps” that will be available to the user, such as social media sites, news sites, video streaming sites, and more.

According to the video, the PlayStation 5 is out now for $500.

The fake PS5 trailer was very well made that it had many people fooled. The fake trailer is especially gaining traction among Spanish circles since the video was reposted in many Spanish gaming pages and groups on Facebook.




Obviously, since Sony has yet to comment or make a statement about the PS5 trailer–and since the video first came into existence way back in 2016–the PlayStation 5 trailer is bogus. We have reached out to Sony for a comment and will update this story once we hear back from them.