Seth MacFarlane Comments On Hitler Joke

Seth MacFarlane is well known for his involvement in Family Guy, where he provides several key voice roles, as well as American Dad and The Cleveland Show, and the recent Mark Wahlberg film “Ted”. And his latest involvement was at the Academy Awards, where he made a controversial joke about Hitler while addressing the film “Amour”.

He has since defused the joke on Twitter, poking fun instead at Schwarzenegger.

Well, that’s one way to defuse a controversial joke: Tell a lukewarm one. Upcoming Oscar host Seth MacFarlane garnered online hate for making Hitler an early morning punchline during Thursday’s Academy Award nominations announcement:

“I read ‘Amour’ was co-produced by Austria and Germany. The last time Austria and Germany co-produced something, it was Hitler.”

CBS News states that Forrest Wickman wrote in an online blog:

“MacFarlane did not make a good first impression. In the less than 10 minutes it took to announce the nominees, MacFarlane managed to insult his co-presenter, belittle the achievements of several nominees, and make a Hitler joke.”

According to USA Today, last night he took to Twitter and redirected the joke at another Austrian target:

The face-saving attempt seemed to fall flat among his Twitter followers:

Well well, it looks like MacFarlane’s fans are being funnier than he is, Okay, just teasing.

We’re just glad to see him taking it all in stride, as he is one of the most controversial comedians in show business, and we apparently love him for it.