'Little People, Big World': Ember Roloff Turns 5-Months-Old

Things are coming up roses for Little People, Big World's Ember Roloff. The show's tiniest star turned 5-months-old on Feb. 10, and her mom, Audrey, just posted an adorable update about her "little Valentine" on Instagram.

In the photo, smiling Ember appears ready for Valentine's Day, posing in an adorable cream-colored onsie and surrounded by delicate pink roses.

According to Audrey's gushing accompanying post, her beautiful red-headed daughter has made some amazing progress over the last month of her life. First of all, Ember has made the big jump from sleeping with her parents to sleeping in her crib. With this change comes a new bedtime routine that includes reading her favorite book, Night, Night Train, and going to sleep by 7:30 p.m. Best yet, baby Ember is now sleeping at least 10 hours a night, which is no doubt a great relief for Audrey and her husband, Jeremy.

Meanwhile, Ember apparently loves taking her bath and playing with her feet. She has also taught herself to roll over on her "squishy" belly and is taking a keen interest in the family's cute calico cat, Pine. And, while all these new accomplishments are reportedly making her a little less interested in her food, she is still "packing on" the pounds and is full of adorable giggles.

Audrey ended the update with a little love note to her daughter.

"We love you more and more each day Ember Jean, our little Valentine," she wrote.

Ember's dad, Jeremy Roloff, also took to Instagram today to celebrate his daughter's fifth month on Earth. The post featured a photo of him holding Ember when she was a newborn baby.

"Ember Jean is 5 months old today!" he wrote. "My little valentine."

Not only has Ember stolen the hearts of her parents, but she has stolen the hearts of thousands of Little People, Big World fans as well.

"I love this baby! She's so stinkin' beautiful," one fan wrote in response to Audrey's post.

"She is gorgeous! She's a mixture of both of you!" another fan wrote after seeing Jeremy's post.

Hopefully, fans won't have to wait much longer to see more of Ember -- including her birth back on Sept. 10 -- on the new season of Little People, Big World. According to Jeremy, the show is set to return to TLC in March, 2018.