‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 127 Recap And Review: Farewell, Android 17

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 just ended, and it featured what could only be one of the most epic sacrifices in the anime. After staying in the Tournament of Power longer than expected, Android 17 finally retired from the battle, by quite literally blowing himself up to protect his teammates. With that, Universe 7 has its first fatality in the ToP, and things are in motion for the final few episodes of Dragon Ball Super to wrap up the Universe Survival Arc.

DBS Episode 127, “The Approaching Wall! The Final Barrier of Hope!!” featured the events immediately following the defeat of Toppo, who gained God of Destruction powers in an attempt to wipe out the Universe 7 team. With Jiren the only Universe 11 fighter left standing, the remaining warriors of Universe 7 were able to focus their attacks at a single target. Unfortunately for them, Jiren just happens to be OP as sin.

The episode in itself featured a number of satisfying fights, including a 3-on-1 battle featuring Jiren battling it out against Vegeta, Goku, and Android 17. Vegeta, being the proud warrior that he was, initially refused help from his former enemy, though he eventually ended up working together with the android anyway. During the course of the battle, No. 17 actually managed to get Jiren angry, by tearing his clothes with a massive blast.

A couple of unsuccessful attacks later, things went down to No. 17 facing Jiren alone. While severely outmatched by his opponent, Android 17 nonetheless refused to give up. Responding to Jiren mocking his power, the android stated that he will never give up, and that Universe 7 will survive.

Belmod, the God of Destruction of Universe 7, then asked No. 17 what his wish was if he wins the Tournament of Power. The android honestly told the god that he simply wants to travel the world on a cruise ship with his family. No. 17 then asked what Jiren’s motivations are, and Belmod was glad to provide some much-needed backstory on Dragon Ball Super‘s most daunting character yet.

According to the god, Jiren used to be incredibly weak, being unable to save his family from the attacks of an evil man. Eventually, Jiren was picked up and trained by a man who would be his master, though his master would eventually die, too. Eventually, everything that Jiren stood for betrayed him, and he promised himself that strength itself was justice.

Hearing Jiren’s story, No. 17 told the U11 fighter that he was a pretty decent guy after all. Turning to Goku and Vegeta, the android then stated that he was not giving up on his dream of traveling the world with his family. He then self-destructed, giving Goku and Vegeta valuable time to recover. Moments after, the Omni-Kings confirmed Android 17’s death, though Jiren did not get penalized since No. 17 opted to blow himself up of his own accord.

Overall, Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 could only be described as the perfect swan song for a character that was recently revisited by the iconic anime. No. 17 had always been a memorable fighter in the franchise, though the ToP was the first time he really shone. His sacrifice in the end was heroic, and his ultimate death all but proved the stakes in the Tournament of Power. If any, his demise triggers what could only be the final stretch in the Universe Survival Arc, where everything comes to a head as the last three warriors of U7 battle it out with the unbeatable U11 Pride Trooper.

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