Piers Morgan Bashes Kim Kardashian For 'Creepy' Photo

Kim Kardashian and Piers Morgan have an ongoing feud that doesn't look like it will end anytime soon, thanks to her habit of posting controversial photos every once in a while and him not cutting her some slack for doing so. And just a few days ago, the KUWTK star stirred up the internet after posting a NSFW photo of herself topless, that was apparently taken by North. The idea of a child taking such photos caused some to question her parenting skills, while others came to her defense, saying there was nothing wrong.

According to Piers Morgan, allowing her child to take such pictures was "downright creepy." He expressed this via a tweet that read, "Kim Kardashian now posting topless photos of herself taken by her 4-yr-old daughter. Pathetic & creepy."

As expected, the comments were all over the place. One statement from a fan, read, "How is a little girl getting dressed with her mom child abuse? Would you say that if the mom wasn't so 'sexy'?" Another countered, "Inappropriate nudity is abuse. A child has no concept of protest even in thought. The child may well be traumatized for life."

Just over a week ago, the British TV show host called out Kim for continuing to post topless images of herself, even though she is a mother of two kids and in her late 30s. He also dismissed her brand of feminism, citing it as a step backwards for the #MeToo movement, which speaks out against sexual harassment against women.

In response, Kardashian West apparently sent him one of her KIMOJI heart fragrances, which she recently launched. Recipients of the perfume also included her haters, Taylor Swift and Wendy Williams, loved ones, and generally anyone she could think of. She conveyed this via a clip on her Instagram Story and Snapchat.

This prompted Piers to respond in kind with a gift of his own: his fragrance, Provocateur by Piers, which he revealed in his talk show as seductive and has a "kick like a mule." He also revealed celebrities that he was going to send it to, and they were people he generally didn't like. His list included Hillary Clinton, Lord Sugar, Madonna, Dan Walker, and Kim Jong Un, among others.