Omarosa Hospital Injury: ‘Big Brother: Celebrity Edition’ Head Of Household Competition Asthma Attack [Video]

Alex WongGetty Images

Omarosa Manigault has been the focus of attention ever since the premiere of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition. Omarosa cried, telling the world that the nation under the administration of President Donald Trump would not be okay, additionally telling her roommates that she was loyal to a fault to Trump – a move that caused Omarosa to lose 100 friends, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Now Omarosa is once again the focus, due to an injury that she recently suffered during the reality TV show. According to TMZ, Omarosa suffered an injury so serious that she had to be taken to the hospital. Omarosa’s injury happened during one of the Head of Household competitions on Big Brother: Celebrity Edition.

Whereas previous Head of Household competitions featured the reality show contestants holding onto statues that were elevated and swirled around in the air, the Head of Household competition that sent Omarosa to the hospital involved Omarosa getting hit with a ball. Update: Omarosa suffered from an asthma attack.

As seen in the above video from the live feed of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition, Ross Mathews and Marissa Jaret Winokur whispered about the harrowing competition.

The contestants spoke about Ross winning the Head of Household competition, which featured Omarosa getting hit by a ball. The specific competition was a spinning golf competition, as well as a dizzying bowling competition so it’s not clear if Omarosa was actually hit by a fast golf ball, a heavy bowling ball or some other type of ball. What is known is that it was serious enough for Omarosa to have to leave the house to visit a hospital to treat her injury.


Omarosa previously had a mysterious injury to her foot during her days in the White House, and was photographed wearing a boot on her foot on Inauguration Day on Friday, January 20. Omarosa was walking down the steps at St. John’s Episcopal Church across from the White House that day – so the thought of a bowling ball perhaps re-injuring that foot seems painful.

Omarosa wasn’t the only one who left the Big Brother: Celebrity Edition house. Metta World Peace ended up leaving the house, quitting and coming back – a fact that Ross and Marissa found unfair. During Friday evening, the live feeds of the show went down, so video of Omarosa’s injury probably won’t air until Saturday at minimum.

Marissa referenced Christmas Abbott’s injury from the prior season, as reported by the Charlotte Observer, wherein Christmas broke her ankle. Marissa also bragged about putting Omarosa in the hospital.

“I put her in the hospital.”