’90 Day Fiancé’ Star Luis Mendez May Have Confirmed Breakup With Molly On Instagram, ‘In Touch Weekly’ Says

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90 Day Fiancé star Luis Mendez seems to have confirmed his breakup from Molly Hopkins on Instagram. Mendez recently posted a selfie of a new hairdo but the geotag indicated that he was in New Jersey and not in Oklahoma City where Molly lives. Eagle-eyed 90 Day Fiancé fans were quick to ask him about his location in the comments, speculating that it meant that he and Molly had broken up.

“That’s not Molly’s house.. he’s staying with friends and family,” one commenter wrote. As In Touch Weekly notes, Luis has relatives who live in New Jersey and he’s stayed with them after a previous fight with Molly. Other commenters slammed him for seemingly using Molly so that he could come to America.

“I’m Dominican and embarrassed by people like him who tricks (sic) people to come into the United States.” another Instagram user wrote.

Molly and Luis met when she was on vacation in the Dominican Republic. Their relationship seemed to sour during their time on the show as they fought about how Molly’s children should be raised among other things. Luis, at one point, even suggested that Molly’s younger daughter Kensley should go live with her father. Given the strife between them, many doubted whether they would complete the visa process and get married. But Starcasm reports that Luis and Molly did end up tying the knot in July of last year.

But it doesn’t look like they were able to work out their issues after the wedding, now that Luis is in New Jersey. Also Molly’s comments on another selfie of his adds further evidence to the claim that the two are no longer in a relationship. According to In Touch, Luis told a fan in the comments that 90 Day Fiancé was “more fake than real.” Molly chimed in to say that his comment was “bulls**t.” Another fan asked Molly what she meant by that and if she was concerned about other women flirting with her husband on IG.

“I don’t care about those chicks. Maybe one will hang with him tonight while I’m in OKC,” Molly replied.

This definitely does not sound like a happy union.

According to Starcasm, there’s still a chance that they still might filming something for TLC, even if they are broken up. But there’s no confirmation yet on which version of the show they might appear on.