Joanna Gaines’ Pregnancy Photo Has ‘Fixer Upper’ Fans Thinking She Revealed Fifth Baby’s Name, Gender

Jared C. TiltonGetty Images

Joanna Gaines recently revealed that she’s expecting baby number five with husband Chip, and fans of the couple’s reality TV series, Fixer Upper, think she might have revealed the baby’s name and gender in a new pregnancy and photo shoot photo. With Season 5 of Fixer Upper still underway on HGTV, Joanna Gaines has also been doing photo shoots for her home collections business. The 39-year-old Fixer Upper star shared a rare selfie photo last week on social media, along with a photo shoot Instagram Stories photo with a hashtag that some fans think is referring to her unborn child.

Season 5 of Fixer Upper is supposed to be the end of Chip and Joanna Gaines’ popular Texas-based HGTV home improvement show, and the couple announced they were expecting their fifth baby last month. Of course, Joanna is busy with her home furnishings, paint, and decorations business called Magnolia Home Collections, and according to CafeMom, she recently shared an IG Stories photo shoot photo of her upcoming spring collection. Along with the photo, Joanna Gaines added a hashtag with the name of the collection to the bottom right corner of the photo.

The IG Stories photo can be viewed on CafeMom, and “eagle-eyed” fans of Fixer Upper think that the hashtag is really the name and gender of Chip and Joanna’s new baby. CafeMom captured the IG stories photo and shares that the name of the spring collection is “Evie.” Some fans instantly picked up on the fact that the names of Chip and Joanna’s other two daughters start with the letter “E,” and speculate that the name of the new spring collection is also the name of baby number five. The theory that Fixer Upper fans came up with is that the Gaines named the new home collection after their new baby.

Fans also theorized that since Evie is obviously a girl’s name, then Chip and Joanna Gaines are expecting their third daughter. One comment suggested that “celebs like to drop hints” and to assume that the hashtag is also the name and gender of Chip and Joanna’s baby is apparently not “much of a stretch.” Chip Gaines, 43, also hinted in an Instagram video from last month that Joanna hasn’t craved pickles on ice cream in about “five or six years,” which was when she was pregnant with baby number four — daughter Emmie. Joanna countered Chip’s revelation by saying that she feels like she’s “eerily due one.”

PopSugar offers up their own theory that Chip and Joanna Gaines will become a family of seven sometime in July, and an article on Parents shares that a baby’s gender can usually be determined between four and five months into the pregnancy. So, it’s somewhat safe for Fixer Upper fans to assume that Joanna Gaines knew the gender of her unborn baby when she shared the IG Stories photo late last week.

Season 5, Episode 12 of the Fixer Upper is due to air on HGTV this upcoming Tuesday, February 13, at 9 p.m. ET, as shown on the HGTV website. Romper noted that the last season of Fixer Upper will have “at least 14 episodes and four specials.”