Fake Trump And Fake Kim ‘Weren’t Kicked Out’ Of Winter Olympics, Impersonators And Organizers Clarify

Two impressionists made quite the impression last Friday after they showed up in Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium dressed as U.S. president Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

In a rare feat that continues to fascinate many, Australian-Chinese Howard X (not his real name) and Chicago native Dennis Alan arrived at the 2018 Winter Olympics disguised as Kim and Trump, ready to showcase their craft and life’s work, but were instead swiftly escorted away by security.

“We wanted to surprise everyone and bring world peace, and then we’re being escorted out by security guards,” Howard commented. “[I think it’s] really unfair. Doesn’t everyone want peace?”

It was previously reported by several media outlets that the pair was unceremoniously “thrown out” of the stadium following a dramatic publicity stunt, a claim now reported by Agence France-Presse to be untrue.

“They didn’t kick us out, we had tickets,” Howard clarified.

Apparently the fake Kim and fake Trump had wanted to get close to the athletes, and so ventured to where the media happened to be to say hi. However, the attempt at small talk (and perhaps a selfie or two) didn’t go so well, and the impostors were instantly bombarded by eager photographers and enraptured journalists, and onlookers looking to get a few pictures in.

“There was no problem with their costumes,” event organizers explained, “but they entered the media seats with a regular ticket. We just guided out those who have entered the media seats by mistake.”

Previous reports stated that the pair was “tackled” by security; however, the fake Kim insisted organizers behaved professionally and no such drastic actions were taken.

“They were just doing their jobs,” Howard said. “They even provided us with an entourage, so we looked like the real thing and it caused even more of a commotion.”

The pair caused more of a spectacle than a ruckus, however, with the fake Kim claiming that bystanders actually found them funny.

“Even the security guards were asking for selfies,” he joked.

Howard and Alan were standing only a few feet away from the VIP section, where Donald Trump’s vice president, Mike Pence, and Kim Jong-un’s real-life sister, Kim Yo-jong, had sat watching the opening ceremony. The impersonators didn’t manage to get close enough to the two, however, to raise any legitimate security concerns.

Not Their First Gig

Self-described political satirists Dennis Alan and Howard X are partner-impersonators. They have been featured in a number of online magazines prior to the Winter Olympics and have been touring the streets of Hong Kong last year dressed as the feuding leaders. They have been seen mock-kissing and holding “their” countries’ national flags, acerbically barking, “Death to America” and “Die, America, Die,” while entertaining interested passers-by.

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