After Logan Paul, YouTube Now Targets Prank Video Creators: Stricter Policies Against Shock Tactics For Views

YouTube is going to take more responsibility in preventing sensitive content on its website. On Friday, the company declared its new policies that will take strong actions against shock tactics to increase views of a particular video.

The decision to adopt stricter policies come as YouTube believes a number of contributors have harmed its reputation among advertisers. It also believes that their actions have affected the media industry. However, what is apparently the most concerning part of it is that those YouTubers have damaged the site’s commitment to the general public.

The new policies will take strong actions against prank video creators if their actions leave people traumatized. YouTube will have a no-nonsense policy against those who sensationalize others’ pain to increase subscribers or views.

The video-sharing website will be harsh against users who promote hate or violence against a particular community. YouTube, however, acknowledges that 99.9 percent its users do not engage in such activities.

YouTube earlier suspended the monetization for vlogger Logan Paul’s account. Seems like it was not an exceptional case, as YouTube promises to remain committed to its social responsibilities. A YouTube spokesperson told The Verge that Paul had “exhibited a pattern of behavior in his videos” that made his channel “potentially damaging to the broader creator community.”

Earlier, Logan uploaded a video that showed the dead body of a person who had committed suicide, Variety reported. As a result, YouTube removed his channels from the Google Preferred premium ad program, even though the video was deleted.

YouTube now has stricter policies against prank video makers.

Logan’s younger brother, Jake, is also a highly popular YouTube vlogger. He has nearly 9.5 million subscribers. Last year, he released a YouTube video where he pulled off a stunt of having a sleep-over at the White House.

As an “influencer,” he was invited to the White House. Then, he sneaked into a toilet cubicle and spent a few hours over there at night. The video has got more than 10 million views so far.

Ariel Bardin, the vice president of product management, has said in his blog that YouTube may revoke access to YouTube Spaces for a channel that violates its new policies. It will also suspend its privilege to feature on the homepage and in recommended videos.

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