‘Black Panther’ Review: Marvel’s 2018 Superhero Movie Wows Critics Ahead Of Release Date

Marvel’s superhero movie Black Panther has immensely impressed critics just before its release date in the United States. The movie, directed by Ryan Coogler, stars Chadwick Boseman in the title role. It is now considered the most anticipated movie of the franchise.

The movie has followed conventional outlines of new-age action movies. Still, it has managed to take the usual formula to a different level altogether. It has taken its influence from tribal culture as well as African history. The Washington Post hails Ruth Carter’s costumes as “spectacular.” Hannah Beachler’s production design adds to its charm.

CNN believes the movie is extremely significant for various socio-political reasons in the United States. If the movie was released while Barack Obama was the president of the country, it might not have brought so much implication with it.

Under Donald Trump’s presidency, “black excellence” is going to take center stage once again, that too “unapologetically,” it says.

“If only for two hours and 15 minutes.”

Jonathan Gray, whose Illustrating the Race: Representing Blackness in American Comics is going to hit the stands soon, believes the movie must be understood in a political context. According to the New York Times, Black Panther brings “Hope, Hype and Pride” with it.

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British actor Jade Anouka believes Black Panther comes as an inspiration to young black people around the world.

“I’m especially excited about showing young black people that they can be the hero too,” The Guardian quoted her as saying.

According to Vanity Fair, Marvel has started becoming “increasingly predictable,” and Black Panther comes as “something new.” The movie’s cast is largely black. In addition, there are a number of women who play heroic roles in the movie.

Black Panther was all set to create a historic record by scoring 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. However, a couple of critics beg to differ from the majority of them.

The Irish Independent notes that the movie is “expected to stand for something bigger than itself.” However, the “strain is visible,” it says. It is not much impressed with Boseman’s performance either.

Urban Cine File believes the movie is too dependent on its dialogs.

“Where Wonder Woman soared, Black Panther struggles,” it says.