Anna Duggar’s Instagram Return Shows Scandal-Hit Josh’s Family Is Moving On

Anna Duggar, on Friday, gave fans a rare glimpse into the lives of her children with an Instagram post, breaking a two-year-long hiatus.

When allegations against Josh Duggar made headlines, speculation ran rife that his wife Anna would divorce him. When that did not happen, Josh’s critics lashed out against her for backing a man who espoused Christian family values while allegedly cheating on his wife. During those scandal-hit years, detailed by USA Today, the couple was forced away from public life, and subsequently social media. Two years after Josh’s allegations of minor molestation made headlines, Anna Duggar returned to Twitter.

In her Friday post, Michael and Marcus Duggar are seen stacking oranges. Anna Duggar captioned the image to display her sons’ creativity. Fans were quick to notice Josh Duggar’s wife had returned two years after the lone Instagram post she made in 2016.

“Welcome back @annaduggar. Hold your head high. You don’t owe anyone any explanations on the choices you make! Good luck! Your children are adorable!”

Duggar family members Amy King and Jill Dillard noticed Anna’s return and shared her excitement.

Not everyone, however, shared the welcoming feeling. A few comments targeted the mother of five for choosing not to leave her husband while warning Anna Duggar to keep an eye on her children. Josh Duggar was accused of fondling his sisters when they were teenagers.

Anna Duggar’s Instagram return is likely an indication of Josh Duggar’s family making a cautious comeback into public view. While Anna only took to Instagram on Friday, her Twitter posts have been regular in response to positive family developments.

It also appears to be in tune with the changing opinion about Josh amongst Duggar family fans. When some critics questioned Jessa Seewald about her ability to give teaching lessons to her sons Henry and Spurgeon, Anna weighed in for her sister-in-law saying her sons had been giving the cousins lessons.

In the real world, Anna Duggar (swipe right on the images below) took to the streets to protest abortion earlier this week. The Duggars are against birth control, are pro-life, and against abortion. Josh Duggar stepped down from his position at the Family Research Council, a Christian group that advocates pro-life and pro-marriage values.

Though the Duggars started sharing posts about Josh Duggar and his family last year, his social media accounts do not indicate activity after 2015, despite persistent rumors he may be featured on Counting On.