Kate Middleton’s Affordable Head-To-Toe Beauty Hacks Unveiled

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Some of Kate Middleton’s personal beauty hacks have been revealed. Surprisingly, the Duchess of Cambridge’s beauty hacks are quite affordable.

Kate Middleton’s Secrets To Luscious Locks And Pristine Updos

Whether it’s a gala or just a casual trip with her family, Kate Middleton’s hair is always on point. No hair is out of place when it comes to Kate. As a result, she has been the envy of most women worldwide. It turns out, the Duchess of Cambridge has some hair tricks up her sleeve to help her maintain her perfect locks.

For her more casual looks, Kate Middleton usually wears her hair down. Recently, James Pryc, who styled the duchess’ hair on her wedding day, revealed to Marie Claire that the royal uses Redken’s curvaceous full swirl cream serum to give her chocolate-colored locks some volume. Redken’s swirl cream is probably the second most expensive item on this list of beauty hacks at £11.90 or about $16.

Kate has another hair hack for her updos. According to Hello Magazine, Kate uses hair nets to keep flyaways at bay when she styles her hair up. For a more natural look, Kate Middleton uses hairnets that match her hair color. This beauty hack only costs about £1 or about $1.40.

Kate’s Anti-Aging Facial Serums

For her blemish-free youthful complexion, Kate Middleton alternates between Lancome phthalate-free Genefique serum and Trilogy’s Rosehip Oil, reported Us Weekly Magazine. The Lancome serum will cost a pretty penny at $78 a bottle. However, Trilogy’s Rosehip Oil is more affordable at about $23 for a 20-milliliter bottle on Amazon.

Town and Country explained that Rosehip oil is an excellent anti-aging agent because it is rich in Vitamin A. The serum helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines. The oil is also very moisturizing because it is made of 80 percent fatty acids.

Even Kate Middleton uses serums to maintain her perfect complexion.
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The One Item Kate Middleton Always Needs To Complete Her Royal Look

Almost all of the ensembles worn by Kate has one common factor: tights. Apparently, wearing tights is royal etiquette, one that Kate Middleton strictly follows.

To keep her legs looking sleek and perfect, the Duchess of Cambridge wears John Lewis’ non-slip tights, reported The Sun. The miracle clothing item prevents the duchess from slipping out of her shoes and her tights from sliding down in public. These tights only cost £5 or about $7.

All these products help Kate Middleton look flawless. But they also reveal that everyone needs beauty hacks to look pristine, even a duchess.