‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Stephen Colbert Slams Omarosa’s Trump Comments, Mocks Her Being ‘Haunted’ By Tweets

Cliff LipsonCBS

The second episode of Celebrity Big Brother aired Thursday night and it delivered the drama and controversy viewers expect from a CBS reality show. One spot, in particular, featured Omarosa presumably divulging her true feelings to a fellow cast member about Twitter and her time in the Trump White House. The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert, however, was not buying Omarosa’s lamentation over Trump or his tweets, intimating she was being dramatic for the cameras.

In his Late Show monologue, Colbert specifically commented on a “private” conversation in the backyard patio area of the Big Brother: Celebrity Edition house between Omarosa and her fellow CBB US castmate, Ross Mathews. Ross was clearly interested in hearing about her experiences in the White House and asked her a number of questions about the Trump and his infamous tweets.

Ross asked if Omarosa was able to talk to Trump and advise him about using Twitter, but she implied that those close to him kept her on the outskirts of the president’s inner circle. Omarosa did note that she was “haunted” by Trump’s tweets on a daily basis, constantly wondering what he was “going to tweet next,” reports Variety.

Colbert sarcastically asked regarding Omarosa’s Twitter revelation, “Oh, really?” He then added, “You were haunted? Out here it’s been the Trumpityville horror.”

The slam did not end there, as Colbert did not hold back on his skepticism surrounding Omarosa’s sincerity. He offered the Omarosa a “pro tip,” noting that when one appears on a reality show such as Celebrity Big Brother, “whispering doesn’t really work.” Colbert continued with, “Trump can still hear you,” according to Variety.


Colbert also stated, “Yeah… yeah… I believe you.” Variety reports that The Late Show host added that he had an “inkling” things were bad when President Trump hired Omarosa to “work in the White House.”

As noted by Rob Has a Podcast, Omarosa also told Ross during their conversation that she would never, ever vote for Trump. Rob Cesternino and his live feed correspondents, Brent Wolgamott and Melissa Deni, noted that it was difficult to tell if Omarosa was being sincere because she hasn’t given anything away regarding her motives in her Diary Room sessions.


Melissa stated she is pleased that viewers are unsure about Omarosa’s sincerity because it gives fans of Celebrity Big Brother much more to talk about.


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