Chrissy Metz Shares Sneak Peek Into Kate’s Future On ‘This Is Us:’ Can She Recover From Jack’s Death?

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This Is Us fans gathered around their TV sets recently awaiting answers to two important questions: How did Jack die, and why did his daughter Kate feel so responsible for his death? Warning: If you just started watching This Is Us and haven’t seen all of the newest episodes, this article contains spoilers.

This Is Us Spoilers Ahead: Who Is To Blame For Jack’s Death?

When it came to how Jack, portrayed by Milo Ventimiglia, died, This Is Us finally answered that first question. In a heartbreaking, hold-your-breath scene, the patriarch of the Pearson family was seen determined to go back in and save his daughter’s dog along with memorabilia from their lives. This Is Us also provided an elaborate explanation of how smoke inhalation could result in a heart attack.

Teen Kate, played by Hannah Zeile, was seen screaming for her dog, resulting in Jack’s heroic announcement that he thought he could save the puppy. As a result, some viewers of This Is Us have agreed with Kate in putting the blame on the teenager, pointed out Entertainment Weekly.

“Of course, Jack’s daughter, Kate, is haunted by guilt and feels wholly responsible for this tragedy, as she cried out that the family dog was still stuck inside the inferno after the family escaped, which prompted Jack to duck back into the house to fetch him.”

However, Kate did not ask Jack to return to the house. Moreover, after saving Louie the puppy, Jack gathered up some beloved items, which resulted in the inhalation of more smoke. But although Kate isn’t necessarily to blame, This Is Us has shown her — first as a teen and then as an adult — still taking responsibility for Jack’s death.

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This Is Us Toby Helps Kate

For This Is Us viewers asking whether Kate can ever really recover from Jack’s death, the actress who plays adult Kate, Chrissy Metz, served up a sneak peek that offers some clues. Put away the tissue boxes, because Chrissy promises some This Is Us joy after the heartbreak, reported ET.

“Viewers have already seen her shopping for wedding dresses, but Chrissy Metz says there’s going to be one very special event that needs to happen before Kate walks down the aisle with Toby.”

After Toby (played by Chris Sullivan) and Kate met at a group that focuses on weight issues, he slowly became more a part of her life. Toby has played a key role in helping adult Kate gradually come to terms with her father’s death.

Ever since Jack went back into the burning house to save the teenager’s dog, Kate has always had challenges with dogs. One moving scene showed the depth of her recovery from Jack’s death in her decision to bring home a shelter puppy for Toby.

Kate’s Recovery From Jack’s Death: A Dog And A Wedding

But has Kate recovered enough to move on with her life and — like Rebecca and Jack — create her own family despite the challenges she experienced as a child and teen? Chrissy Metz hinted that the answer is “yes” by revealing what will happen before her wedding day.

“You know we’ve heard that there might be a little wedding happening. But before a wedding, some people have bachelorette parties. So… you can take a little guess!”

Kate is known for her love of music, so a bachelorette party might involve a musical theme. Will Mandy Moore, who portrays Rebecca, and Susan Kelechi Watson, who plays Beth, organize the fun?

The cast of "This Is Us" includes break-out star, Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate.
The cast of "This Is Us" includes break-out star, Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate.Featured image credit: Jordan StraussInvision/AP Images

Some fans have been hoping for alternative timelines, showing Jack surviving the fire and interacting with adult Kate, Randall (Sterling K. Brown), and Kevin (Justin Hartley) in the present day. A pre-wedding episode could offer that opportunity, with Jack even teaming up with his sons to throw a bachelor party for Toby or joining Rebecca to shop for a wedding gift.

Chrissy wouldn’t offer up any details of the party or possible surprises, but she did promise that it would be “really fun” for This Is Us fans.

“Layered in This Is Us fashion but it’s going to be really beautiful and really fun too,” promised Metz.