‘Vikings’ Season 5 Spoilers: Alexander Ludwig Teases Bjorn’s Victory Over Ivar The Boneless With New Photo

There are several things that need to be dealt with in the second half of Vikings Season 5. Viewers are certainly wondering if Floki will sacrifice himself to the gods now that his colony in Iceland is falling apart. Some are also concerned about Lagertha’s fate now that she has been defeated by Ivar the Boneless. Could this mean that Kattegat will have a new ruler in Vikings Season 5, Episode 11? If so, which of Ragnar Lothbrok’s sons will take over the kingdom?

It seems like everyone wants to rule Kattegat in the first ten episodes of the fifth season. Margrethe even went out of her way to ask the Seer if she will ever be queen. The teaser for Vikings Season 5, Episode 11 seems to suggest that Ivar the Boneless will be sitting on the throne and offering a sacrifice. However, a new Instagram post points to the possibility that Ragnar Lothbrok’s eldest son will be the one to take over once his mother is dead.

Alexander Ludwig has just shared an interesting photo on his official Instagram account. The image shows Bjorn Ironside sitting on the throne of Kattegat. Ludwig even added a funny caption referring to his character’s mother Lagertha. In addition to that, the actor tagged his Vikings Season 5 co-star Alex Hogh Andersen, who reportedly took the picture.

“Mom! the meatloaf! now!”- photo cred @alexhoeghandersen you talent you

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So does this mean that Bjorn Ironside will be the next King of Kattegat? It is still unclear if Ragnar’s eldest son will decide to stay at home and rule the kingdom, especially since Bjorn seems more eager to discover new places. Unfortunately, it looks like the new ruler has already been revealed in the teaser for Vikings Season 5, Episode 11.

Ivar the Boneless in Vikings Season 5

The trailer for the back end of the fifth season opens with the Seer stating that the war is not yet over. Ivar the Boneless also has a grim announcement as he tells the people of Kattegat that a sacrifice will be made. As a hooded figure is led towards him, he cries, “This is Lagertha.” The sequence strongly suggests that Ivar intends to kill the queen by offering her life to the gods in Vikings Season 5.

Find out who will be the next King of Kattegat in Vikings Season 5, Episode 11, which is expected to premiere later this year.