‘Limitless’ Season 2: Here’s Why It’s Impossible For Jake McDorman’s CBS Series To Be Renewed

Ethan MillerGetty Images

If holding on to something will result in a renewal, Limitless Season 2 would have been streaming months ago. Unfortunately, that’s not how things work in the business.

The fate of Limitless Season 2 is as clear as day. While it has been confirmed multiple times that the sequel to the CBS series is definitely not happening, fans are still having a hard time letting it go.

Supporters of the show have been desperate for a long time, wishing for Limitless to be picked up after it was dropped by CBS after one season. However, despite their efforts to bring the series back on the air, it appears that the cancellation of Jake McDorman’s show is already a done deal.

CBS chief Glenn Geller has previously revealed that Limitless failed to connect with viewers, which resulted in its cancellation, as reported by TV Insider. But with the hype of the show, the network still tried to shop the comedy-drama television series around to major outlets like Netflix and Amazon, in hopes for it to be picked up for Season 2.

Unfortunately, since the plot of Limitless Season 2 still circles around a controversial drug, NZT, Netflix and Amazon opted not to gamble and didn’t pick the sequel up.

It has been reported that NZT had been the main reason why Limitless was never renewed. Amazon and Netflix are aware that they can’t control the age of their viewers, but they can control what kind of series they can stream to the public. Unfortunately, the show’s concept appears to be too much for the outlets.

Meanwhile, many were disappointed at CBS for not renewing the show but they are as equally mad at Netflix for not picking Limitless Season 2 up. Their anger started when the internet television network streamed Season 1 to its service, giving fans hope that the series will finally have a new home. But Netflix found the story to be too complicated and later confirmed that they are not ready to take a chance for Season 2.

It has been long debated if the storyline of the show is too complex and too controversial for the younger viewers. However, the complexity and the uniqueness of the story are the exact things that fans love about Limitless.

Despite fans’ optimism regarding the highly wanted sequel, showrunner Craig Sweeny has already confirmed that Limitless has already reached its limit in Season 1.