February 8, 2018
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Nelle's Evil Plan To Gaslight Carly -- Michael's Mom Heading To Shadybrook

General Hospital spoilers from this week's ABC Soaps in Depth reveal that Nelle Hayes' (Chloe Lanier) latest wicked plan will shake Carly Corinthos' (Laura Wright) marriage to Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) to the core. The cover story of ABC SID calls it "their greatest challenge" and what Nelle does next is irredeemable. It's worse than drugging Sonny and faking sex. It's worse than everything else the schemer has done since she came to Port Charles, and you won't believe what's coming.

Morgan's Name Drop Was No Accident

GH spoilers from Soap Hub indicated that Carly and Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) were understandably stunned when Nelle dropped by Casa Corinthos to suggest they name their baby Morgan. Nelle never intended to name her child after Michael's dead brother, but she was laying the groundwork for her grand scheme to get Carly out of her way. Nelle plans to use Morgan against Carly.

On Thursday's GH, Michael said he didn't want their baby named Morgan. Nelle fussed for a moment, then backed off because it wasn't part of her end game. Nelle wanted Carly upset at the idea that Nelle would attach Morgan's name to her love child with Michael. That way, Morgan was on Carly's mind, and she was off-kilter. That sets the stage for this terrible plot.

Nelle Needs Help From Ava

Also, on Thursday, General Hospital spoilers showed that Nelle told Ava Jerome (Maura West) she needed flexible hours at work to take down Carly. Ava agreed because she's hoping when Carly gets knocked off her high horse, she can regain custody of little Avery. So why does Nelle need flexible time? She needs to be able to creep around Port Charles on the sly while still having her job as an alibi.

GH spoilers from Soap Central promise that this big plan is straight out of Carly's playbook. Remember in the past, Carly was sent to both Shadybrook and Roselawn Sanitorium, so she's got a history of mental instability. Since Nelle researched her adoptive sister before she came to Port Charles, she knows all the skeletons in Carly's closet including her time in mental health facilities.

Carly Triggered Nelle By Mocking Mental Illness

When Carly hassled Nelle for having a breakdown and spending time in a mental health facility, she triggered this whole plan. Carly's past with mental health was enough of a reason for Carly not to terrorize Nelle over having a breakdown, but Carly did it anyway. But to make things worse, Carly's husband and son both have bipolar disorder. Why would she call out Nelle given Morgan and Sonny's struggles?
"Nelle, how crazy does one have to be to spend a year in a mental institution?"
General Hospital spoilers say that up until that showdown, Nelle was trying to make nice because she wanted to be part of Michael's family. But after the attack at the MetroCourt and Carly threatening that Nelle might lose her child because she's unfit, she snapped. That set in stone the path that Nelle is on and Carly will come to regret those words very soon. Here's what Nelle has planned.

Nelle Gaslights Carly

The awful plan Nelle hatched began on Thursday's GH. Spoilers show that fans will find out more in this week's Soaps in Depth. Nelle found the only phone booth in Port Charles and used it to stage a creepy call to Carly. It was just an unknown call and then a hang-up, but that's just the start. Remember, Morgan's body was never found, and they buried an empty coffin. That's critical to the plan.

Nelle will convince Carly that Morgan is alive and trying to contact her. This leads Michael, Sonny, and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) to think that Carly is losing it. Carly will have no proof to show them, but the more Nelle gaslights her, the more defensive Carly becomes and the more certain she is that Morgan is alive and trying to come home to her. Carly's headed for a breakdown soon.

New Bryan Craig Scenes

Remember that Morgan Corinthos portrayer Bryan Craig was back on set for the special Ava-centric surgery episode and he had time to film scenes for the gaslight plot as well. General Hospital spoilers from Diagnosis Daytime say that Jason has advice for Michael about Nelle, but nothing will prepare the Corinthos clan for Nelle's awful plot. Also, remember that drugging people is in her bag of tricks.

Expect Nelle to drug Carly and torment her with memories of Morgan. Nelle may hire an actor to play the part, but it will be Morgan that Carly's convinced she sees, and since Bryan Craig was on set, the scenes would have been convenient to film. Before all is said and done, everyone Carly loves will be convinced that she's off her rocker and it will be her in Shadybrook, not Nelle.

Eventually, Nelle will be caught at her game, and the fallout will be spectacular, but for now, Nelle's scheme works as Carly begins to spin out of control. Catch up on the latest GH scoop on Drew and Jason facing off over Danny, what's happening the next two weeks, and what happens after Jason finds the flash drive with Drew's memories. Watch ABC every day to see Nelle's evil plan unfold and check back often for the latest General Hospital spoilers.