Carrie Underwood’s Facial Injuries Are ‘Much Worse Than People Think,’ Insider Tells ‘Us Weekly’

Carrie Underwood may still have a long road ahead to heal from her facial injuries, with a new report claiming that the extent of the damage is much worse than most people seem to realize.

The singer and actress suffered the injuries from a fall she took in November, one that caused a broken wrist along with between 40 and 50 stitches in her face. While Carrie has made a cursory mention to the injuries on social media, a source told Us Weekly that she is underplaying just how badly she was injured.

“The accident is much worse than people think,” the source told the celebrity news outlet. “There was significant damage to her face.”

The report seemed to suggest that there was more to the story than Underwood has been letting on, and the singer is keeping mostly quiet about exactly what happened and how badly she was hurt. Carrie has stayed out of the public eye for the last few months, appearing only in a photo posted to a friend’s social media page — with little sign of her injuries.

But there are still conflicting reports about just how serious Carrie Underwood’s facial injuries might be, with others suggesting that her healing is going according to schedule. A separate report from Hollywood Life reported that her injuries are healing well in the past few weeks and that she has been following her doctor’s advice.

“The wound has actually healed really well, the doctor who stitched Carrie’s face up did a really amazing job,” an unnamed insider told the celebrity news outlet.

The report suggested that Underwood’s scar might not be healed entirely, but won’t be noticeable to others.

“With even the tiniest bit of concealer, you wouldn’t notice the scar,” the source claimed.

But even if Carrie Underwood’s injuries are healing, the singer may still be scarred in other ways, with a report suggesting that she remains traumatized from the incident. The source told Hollywood Life that the injuries are “all Carrie can focus on when she looks in the mirror” and that it will still be about two years before they have disappeared entirely. It was not clear when Carrie might be jumping back into the public eye permanently, so fans may never end up seeing the full extent of the damage she suffered.