‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: James Says He’s A Strong ‘CBB US’ Player, As He Hatches Secret Game Plan

Cliff LipsonCBS

The Celebrity Big Brother live feed spoilers have revealed a number of interesting details about what has been going on in the house for the last week and how players have been interacting with one another. On Thursday afternoon during an intense chess match, Mark McGrath sat alone with James Maslow, who proclaimed he is a strong CBB US player and has a secret plan to remain in the game.

Big Brother: Celebrity Edition spoilers reveal that although Shannon Elizabeth was seen winning first Head of Household (HOH) competition during the premiere episode of CBB US Wednesday night, she lost the title to Keisha Knight Pulliam who won the Right to Recast the HOH prize, according to Gold Derby.

Spoilers have also revealed that the two Celebrity Big Brother houseguests nominated for eviction are Chuck Liddell and James Maslow, the Gold Derby reports.

On CBS All Access live feeds Thursday afternoon, Mark and James chatted as they played chess. James told Mark he has purposely been “belittling” himself to fall under the radar in the CBB US game. However, James noted that he has now transformed his perspective and is 100 percent confident in the house.

In fact, on live feeds James proclaimed, “I am one of the strongest players in the house and anybody who doesn’t want to align with me is pretty f****** stupid.”

Mark agreed with him and told James he is a “front-runner,” which is why he was nominated for eviction.

James also asserted he went out of his way to hide the fact that he’s a strong player but has a plan to make things right. Nonetheless, he wouldn’t reveal what this secret plan was to Mark.

Mark asked James if it was too late to do the planned “thing,” and James replied that it wasn’t and he would let Mark know when it will take place.

Mark seemed thoroughly perplexed and asked what James wants him to do when the plan goes down.

James explained he didn’t mean to be too secretive, but reiterated, “the less you know the better for you if it doesn’t work, that’s all.” He told Mark he really doesn’t have to do anything but give him support when he puts the plan in motion.


As their conversation continued, Mark told James that it’s better for his game if James remains in the CBB US house and Chuck is sent packing. James asked Mark to tell Metta World Peace that very thing because he needs Metta for the secret plan to work. James also indicated that he believed Metta was on his side but was worried he could change his mind about voting Chuck out of the game.

Whatever James’ plan may be is still a mystery, but there’s no doubt it could definitely cause fireworks and drama inside the CBB US house – especially if alcohol is flowing and the cast members lose their inhibitions to speak freely and openly, which happens frequently in the Big Brother game.


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