Angelina Jolie Talks ‘Healing’ Post Brad Pitt Split, As Estranged Couple Ordered To Continue Divorce Privately

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It has been a long and difficult road for Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and their six children, ever since the two split back in 2016. The decision was made by Jolie and shared publicly, reportedly blindsiding Pitt, as well as the A-list couple’s extensive fan-base.

Jolie quickly became perceived as the villain in the separation seeing as the director and actor announced her intentions to seek full physical custody of their children and then launched an FBI investigation against Brad Pitt for alleged abuse, for which Pitt was swiftly cleared.

The estranged couple then battled it out publicly in the courtroom for months until a judge agreed to seal court documents for the best interest of Jolie and Pitt’s children. Since that point, Brad has reportedly been solely focused on being the best man and best father he can be, after seeking therapy and attending rehab treatment for the star’s alcoholism. Brad was open about his “boozing” addiction during a candid interview the Allied star gave to GQ last year.

The pair continue to work through the divorce proceedings, and have recently won a new court order to keep their proceedings private. as the Irish Mirror relays.

“…a judge has granted the couple a request to extend the temporary judge overlooking their case while custody and distribution of assets will be kept private,” the publication indicates.

As noted, the stars have been more able to remain amicable during the custody and divorce proceedings since things were made private last year and extending this, as the distribution of assets is set to take place, is in everyone’s best interest.

As for how the estranged couple is dealing with the change in lifestyle, a source shares with the publication that Angelina spends the most time with their kids, as she won full temporary custody last year.

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“Angelina is busy with everything she is doing, including being a super mom to her kids. But she is doing fine and working with Brad on ways to continue their lives so everyone is happy,” the source stated.

Most recently, Angelina Jolie spoke openly with People about the “ups and downs” she and her family have experienced since the split from Brad Pitt. Vogue Australia reminds of the UN special envoy’s words on healing and finding their way through the difficult times.

“I have had my ups and downs. I guess I am a little bit stronger. We all have our difficult times, but as a mother you also have a responsibility first and foremost towards the kids. They are going through their formative years and everything else comes second to that.”