'The 100' Season 5 Spoilers: Episode Titles Released, Hints About Sky Crew, Grounders, And Prisoner Ship

The 100 Season 5 spoilers reveal some interesting storylines are in store for fans. The titles for most of the episodes have been released. Fans are busy taking this information and speculating on what could happen. Find out what the episode titles indicate for Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor), Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley), Raven Reyes (Lindsey Morgan), Octavia Blake (Marie Avgeropoulos), Echo (Tasyn Teles), and the other characters.

Season 5, Episode 1

The 100 Season 5 premiere is titled "Eden." As previously reported by the Inquisitr, showrunner Jason Rothenberg referenced Eden several months ago. That is what he calls the small patch of green Earth that mysteriously survived Praimfaya. Clarke and Madi (Lola Flannery) are using this piece of land following the second apocalypse. However, they will be forced to fight for it when the prisoner ship inmates want to take it as their own.

Season 5, Episode 2

"Red Queen" is the title of the second episode. This could refer to a lot of different scenarios. Recently, it was shared on social media that Octavia was saturated with blood. Being in charge of the Grounders inside the bunker, she could be considered a queen. There is also the theory that Hypable shared, that it is a reference from Through The Looking Glass. In that story, the Red Queen was a woman who presented herself as a friend and mentor to Alice. However, in the end, it turned out she was actually the cause of the mischief.

When The 100 Season 5 returns, Clarke will be a mother figure to a young Nightblood named Madi. Could this innocent child actually be playing some sort of game? Or will Clarke be the one to deceive others in order to save herself and/or protect her "child," Madi?

There is also the possibility that one of the female prisoner ship passengers will befriend Clarke, Octavia, Raven, or another character. Perhaps it is just a scheme and if so, it could lead to disastrous and possibly fatal results.

Season 5, Episode 3

This episode is titled "Sleeping Giants." It seems to be a reference to the prisoner ship inmates. As Jason Rothenberg explained, they are from before the first apocalypse one century earlier. Since then, they have been in a cryogenic sleep. They will wake up and discover Earth has changed, there was another apocalypse, called Praimfaya. They will also be stunned to meet the Sky Crew, as well as the Grounders, and the other characters. There will be tension and conflict.

Season 5, Episode 4

"Pandora's Box" is the name of The 100 Season 5, Episode 4. As most people know, Pandora's Box holds all the evils of the world. In Greek mythology, an attempt is made to close it, but it is too late. The only thing left is hope. When it comes to the post-apocalyptic TV show, this could be a literal Pandora's Box or it could be a metaphor. Considering how rooted the Grounders are in tradition, rituals, and beliefs, some fans predict that the storyline has to do with the clans that are inside the bunker.

Season 5, Episode 5

The fifth episode is called "Shifting Sands." After Praimfaya, the Earth has turned into a wasteland. Much of the world is covered with dust and sand, all except one small patch of green land. However, it seems that the episode title is more of a reference to situations and characters changing. Everything is going to be different after the groups are reunited. It is already teased that Octavia will once again evolve, and it is something that is deeply disturbing to Bellamy.

Clarke is another character that radically changes due to her becoming an instant mother to Madi. Then, there is Raven, who is teased to go through her own changes.

Season 5, Episode 6

"Exit Wounds" is the title of The 100 Season 5, Episode 6. While most think of a gunshot or another injury, this could refer to someone's death. Jason Rothenberg also revealed that not everyone survived the five-year time jump. Also, with Isaiah Washington not being a series regular this time around, could it give him an exit story? Perhaps it has to do with a life-threatening injury when someone tries to escape a volatile situation. "Exit Wounds" could also be about the long-term consequences of a specific decision.

Season 5, Episode 7

Episode 7 is called "Acceptable Losses." In a show like The 100, tough decisions have to be made. The characters are in a constant state of fighting for their lives. Sometimes, death is inevitable, even for a favorite character. The name of this episode seems to indicate that there will be a loss of some kind, but it is something they will deal with the best they can.

Season 5, Episode 8

"Secret Weapon" is the name of this episode. On Twitter, many fans don't think the weapon is an object, but an individual. With the Nightblood people being so special, this might be a big episode for Madi. Nobody would ever suspect that a child would be used in battle, but sometimes people have to take risks to survive.

Season 5, Episode 9

"Sic Semper Tyrannis" is the title of The 100 Season 5, Episode 9. It is a Latin phrase that means "thus always to tyrants." Looking at the past, it is something that is said just prior to an assassination. It can also refer to a betrayal. The question is, who is the tyrant in this case? Is it someone predictable, or will fans be surprised when it is revealed?

Season 5, Episode 10

The 100 Season 5, Episode 10 is called "The Last." This could refer to just about anything. It is interesting that this is not the season finale, so what exactly is final? Could it be referencing a last stand or battle? Perhaps it has to do with an individual, rather than a particular situation.

Season 5, Episode 11

There is no title for this episode yet.

Season 5, Episodes 12 And 13

The two-part season finale is called "Damocles." It is a character from a moral anecdote called The Sword Of Damocles. He was a courtier who ended up trading places with a king. However, he soon learned that not everything was as it seemed. That it was not easy to live the life of a person in a position of power. It was a valuable lesson. However, what does this have to do with The 100 Season 5? It could refer to someone who thinks Clarke, Bellamy, or Octavia's decisions should be easy to make. However, when someone ends up trading places with them, they might realize just how conflicted choices can be. Sometimes, there is no right decision. Of course, there could be unexpected twists with this, especially considering that it is the season finale.The 100 Season 5 premieres on The CW network in April 2018.