Kim Kardashian Poses In See-Through Bikini, Gets Slammed For Letting North West Take Photo Of Her Bare Back

Neilson BarnardGetty Images

Kim Kardashian shared yet another revealing bikini photo on Instagram, and she’s rocking her controversial cornrows in it. However, it’s not her see-through swimsuit or her hairstyle that currently has her Instagram followers up in arms. Instead, she’s getting blasted for allowing her daughter to take a photo of her naked back.

On Thursday, Kim Kardashian took to Instagram to share a snapshot from a recent photo shoot on the beach. In the black and white image, she’s rocking the blonde “Bo Derek” braids that caused a social media firestorm late last month. She’s also wearing a sporty white bikini and staring pensively off into the distance. As noted by the Daily Star, water has made her swimsuit top turn see-through.

A few of Kim’s followers responded to the image by accusing her of cultural appropriation for wearing her hair in cornrows, and one fan even mistook her for a famous black celebrity.

“Thought that was Beyoncé for a second,” wrote one commenter.

Another imagined what Kim is thinking in the photo.

“When you are deciding what to appropriate next,” read the proposed caption for the image.


However, many of the Keeping Up With the Kardashian star’s followers have seemingly moved on from the controversy over her cornrows. Instead of criticizing Kim, they let her know that they think she looks “amazing” and “perfect.”

Perhaps the cultural appropriation accusations began to die down because Kim found a way to divert attention away from her braids. All she had to do was follow up her bikini shot with an Instagram photo that caused a new social media scandal. A few hours after she posted the beach snapshot, she shared an image of her bare back. In the topless photo, Kim is holding an unclasped bra in front of her chest. The mother of three revealed that it was taken by her oldest child, 4-year-old daughter North West.

As reported by PopCulture, many of Kim Kardashian’s Instagram followers were appalled by the picture. They had multiple different issues with the image, but most criticisms were about the inappropriateness of allowing a child to take such a sexually-charged snapshot. Critics called Kim’s actions “creepy” and “sick,” and they accused the selfie queen of setting a bad example for her daughter. Some commenters even called for the reality show star to be investigated by Child Protective Services.

“I wonder how many people would get social services called on them if this was anyone else but Kim K?? This is subpar parenting,” read one remark.

“What a horrible example to set for your child,” wrote another concerned netizen.

“What a child see’s she mimics. So.. I’m sure as she gets older she will follow in mommy’s footsteps, and the world will see it as being iconic.”

Others defended Kim Kardashian against accusations that she asked North West to take the topless photo. They argued that North possibly took the picture without permission, and Kim simply decided that she liked it enough to share it on social media.

“She likely had her moms phone and was taking photos. Anyone with kids likely has a zillion photos that their kids took on their phone… pretty normal!” wrote one fan.

There were also numerous comments supporting Kim Kardashian for stripping down in front of her daughter. Some fans suggested that she changes in front of her kids because she wants them to learn that they shouldn’t feel ashamed of their bodies.

“Everyone is like what an awful mother. Nah she’s teaching her kids to except and be proud of their body. Like I don’t get how covering yourself to please others is such a good thing.”

Others decided to focus on North West’s artistic skills instead of debating the appropriateness of the young photographer’s subject matter. She received plenty of praise for the picture.

“North is highkey a better photographer than most people I know,” commented one fan of her work.

Quite a few commenters also accused Kim Kardashian of lying about who took the photo. The reflection of the photographer can be seen in the background of the image, but the person’s face is obscured by the camera’s flash. Some of Kim’s followers argued that the person pictured looks too tall to be North. It was suggested that Kim shared the photo and claimed that North took it simply to get a rise out of people.

“Lol it was a joke,” remarked one fan. “Everyone needs to relax. It’s not North.”