February 8, 2018
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Drew And Jason Face Off Over Danny

General Hospital spoilers reveal that the tension between Drew Cain (Billy Miller) and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) is a ticking time bomb. Jason is trying hard not to take back his life that Drew unintentionally hijacked. Both Drew and Jason are victims of Cesar Faison (Anders Hove), and very soon, the pair has a serious conflict over one of the kids they should be co-parenting. Sam Cain (Kelly Monaco) steps in when she assumes the worst and hurts one of the men in her anger. This is about to get ugly.

Jason Gets A New Place – And His First Visitor

New GH spoilers for this week and next reveal that Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) snags a cool bachelor pad as a gift for Jason on Thursday in honor of his return to Port Charles and restarting his life. Carly is still pushing him to take back what's his, but Jason wants to respect Sam's choice to divorce him and marry Drew. After Jason accepts the gift from Carly, he moves in, and it's not too long before he gets his first visit to celebrate his official housewarming, but who it is will surprise you.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) is no fan of Jason's and was happy that Sam decided to divorce the mob enforcer and marry ex-Navy SEAL Drew instead. Nonetheless, Alexis drops by to see Jason at his new digs and brings over Danny Morgan (TK Weaver) with her. Spoilers for Thursday and Friday reveal that Danny spends the night at his dad's new place. Jason and Carly seemed surprised that Sam sent their son with his grandma instead of coming herself.

Jason Vs. Drew Over Danny

Although both Danny and Jake Webber (Hudson West) are Jason's biological kids, both have spent the last several years being parented and loved by Drew. The boys are old enough to understand the difference between a biological dad and stepdad, yet both are still heavily attached to Drew. In coming days, GH spoilers from Soap Central promise that Jason also spends time with Jake, but it's an interaction related to Danny that puts him in conflict with his twin and sets off Sam in anger.

There's an event at Danny's school, and spoilers indicate that Drew signed up to attend the event a while ago, and he turns up as promised like a good dad. The problem is that Danny also told Jason about the event and he shows up too. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps predict that Danny interrupts Drew's plans by inviting his other father to the event for which Drew was already enlisted. That puts both Danny's dads at the school on the same night, and things get awkward fast.

Sam Rages, Assumes The Worst

GH spoilers from this week's soap magazines reveal that on February 16, things go badly for the twins when Drew finds himself in the uncomfortable situation of Danny's "real" dad showing up to the school event, and him being pushed aside. Then on February 19, spoilers hint that Jason is pitted against Drew in this Danny matter. The question is what Jason's motives are. Did Jason know that Drew already signed up but decided to show up anyway because he's Danny's dad and Drew is not?

Or did Jason show up simply because Danny asked him to and he had no idea that it would turn into a big showdown? Sam assumes it's the worst case and that Jason was rude and overstepped by not checking with her to confirm the plans for the school function. When Sam rages at Jason, it hits him hard. Jason keeps stepping back and giving Sam everything she wants, yet she only sees the worst in him in this circumstance, and it hurts. This is about more than the school event, though.

Sam's Mad About Other Things

Jason soon finds the flash drive of Drew's memories when Peter August (Wes Ramsey) stages things so that Stone Cold will find it. Jason asks Drew to restore his memories so they can each have their lives back and that infuriates Sam because she's worried she will lose Drew when he regains his memories. Sam is still angry when the school event crops up, so she's doubly harsh on her ex-husband. What a mess! Will Jason recognize that Sam's anger springs from fear, or will he just shut down and walk away?

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