Disney Princess Spirit Jerseys Have Arrived At Walt Disney World, And People Are Losing Their Minds [Photos]

Spirit jerseys have become one of the biggest fashion trends right now, and it really doesn’t get much better than designing them after Disney Princesses. There have been numerous colors available at the Disney Parks, including the trendy rose gold, but that hot color may have some competition. On Thursday morning, the Disney Princess spirit jerseys arrived at Walt Disney World, and you need to get them while you can.

It started out with a few simple colors, but the long-sleeved spirit jerseys have become one of the signature fashion trends for Disneyland and Walt Disney World. A recent Minnie Mouse design came out and showcases the famous red and white polka dots of the lovable mouse, but there is much more.

As reported by Pop Sugar, Disneyland received a collection of Disney Princess spirit jerseys earlier this week, and they’re quite incredible. On the back of the jerseys, it reads “Disneyland Resort,” while the front has an emblem specific to each princess.

Now, Walt Disney World has received them with only a slight difference. On the back of these spirit jerseys, it reads “Walt Disney World” in old-school lettering. The front of each of the four jerseys has the emblem of its specific princess and they hit Disney Springs on Thursday morning.

If you want them, though, get them now as they are going fast.

Ariel — The Little Mermaid

In the title picture is the back of the teal spirit jersey dedicated to The Little Mermaid. As you can see from the front, the seashell is her representation.

Aurora — Sleeping Beauty

Princess Aurora of Sleeping Beauty has the pink spirit jersey with the lettering in darker fuchsia. On the front of the jersey is a rose to obviously go along with her other name of Briar Rose.


The front of the light blue Cinderella spirit jersey showcases a silver glass slipper while the back has the writing in the same glittery color.

Snow White

The Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs spirit jersey is multi-colored with blue, white, and yellow. The writing on the back of the jersey is red as is the awesome-looking apple on the front.

Each of the Disney Princess spirit jerseys retail for $59.99 plus tax and come in sizes of extra small to double extra large. At Walt Disney World, they were first dropped into Tren-D at Disney Springs, but as of this morning, they were going very fast.

In time, they will spread out to other retail locations, but it may take a while to get them back in stock.

Spirit jerseys are truly the big thing right now on college campuses and all over the place, but it only took Disney a short while to catch on. The rose gold, vintage, and Minnie Mouse designs went quickly, but it does seem as if they’ve met their match. Walt Disney World now has the Disney Princess spirit jerseys, and they are selling out in a hurry. If you don’t get one at this time, you can keep your eyes peeled for a restock.

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