WWE News: Hideo Itami Isn’t Done, According To Twitter

It has been a rough couple of months for World Wrestling Entertainment’s cruiserweight division.

With the recent departures of WWE superstars Enzo Amore and Neville, 205 Live has brought about significant changes to the program, such as introducing wrestling fans to new competitors after WWE released Amore from his contract amid allegations of sexual assault, as reported by Time.

While the past two weeks have given viewers of 205 Live some fresh and exciting matches that will ultimately determine the new cruiserweight champion, there were rumors going around the internet earlier in the week that another wrestler — Hideo Itami — would be making his exit from WWE sooner rather than later.

Hideo Itami, an international superstar known for his flashy moves, was last seen losing to Roderick Strong in an impressive 205 Live main event match. The contest got rave reviews from wrestling fans, who have been begging WWE to feature longer matches with some of the most exciting athletes that the company has to offer. This comes after a new report from the Inquisitr who wrote that WWE’s CEO, Vince McMahon, is no longer producing 205 Live. McMahon was more interested in focusing on the personalities of the competitors instead of the in-ring action.

Itami took the wrestling world by storm when it was announced that he signed a WWE contract back in 2014, as first reported by PWInsider’s Mike Johnson. The hard-hitting 205 Live wrestler from Japan caused mass hysteria among fans after he posted a cryptic message to his Twitter account that had the entire wrestling world buzzing about his future.

After enormous hype and anticipation for his arrival in WWE, Itami’s career never seemed to take off as wrestling fans had initially expected. His first major setback happened when he was bit by the injury bug before a major match at NXT’s TakeOver: Unstoppable. Itami found himself on the sidelines; on the outside, looking in. When he made his return to the ring in 2017 after a long hiatus, new additions to the roster had already stepped in to capture the imagination of WWE fans around the world.

Men such as Shinsuke Nakamura, Bobby Roode, and A.J. Styles made an immediate impact when they arrived on the WWE landscape. Many wondered if Itami would ever find the same level of success that his peers achieved when they entered the company. With his loss to the debuting Strong, fans were concerned that it was Itami’s swan song in WWE. Wrestling Inc’s Raj Giri reported that Itami put the rumors to rest with a follow up tweet.

If Itami has anything to say about his future, it seems that he isn’t leaving WWE of his own volition. With a new focus on the cruiserweight division, Itami could potentially find himself under a greater spotlight, with more opportunities on the horizon.

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