Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Disturbing’ Tale Of Grandson’s Wish For Brown Skin Slammed By Tucker Carlson

Nancy Pelosi managed to remind the rest of the nation why Congress has such a low approval rating, suggests the Fox & Friends hosts on their Thursday morning show. They weren’t the only Fox personalities who had issues with Nancy Pelosi’s long, long speech; Tucker Carlson slammed Pelosi for the message she passed along to her grandson on his birthday.

Despite all the backlash for one portion of her spew, there seemed to be one feat that people have marveled at after Nancy Pelosi finished her rambling speech. According to Fox News, she stood for 8-hours in her stiletto heels. The Fox & Friends hosts even offered kudos for Pelosi’s ability to do this. She didn’t sit once, she stood in those 3-inch heels the entire time she delivered a very convoluted speech.

Tucker Carlson was appalled after hearing Nancy Pelosi talking about her 6-year-old grandson’s birthday party, which started with her grandson blowing out the candles on his birthday cake. Before she rambled on about that wish her grandson made while extinguishing those candles, she described what the lad looked like.

According to Clear Politics, Pelosi said that her grandson “is Irish, English, whatever, whatever, and Italian-American, he is a mix. But he looks more the other [Italian] side of the family, shall we say.” She then explained how her grandson’s best friend is from Guatemala and she described his looks as well. Antonio, which is the boy’s name, “has beautiful tan skinned” and “beautiful brown eyes,” said Pelosi.

Already there is a distinct difference between the two descriptions Pelosi’s given of the two boys, one is rather generic and the other is “beautiful.” She then shared that when her grandson blew out those birthday candles, she asked him what he wished for. From what they were saying on Fox & Friends, you don’t ask or tell about that wish if you want it to come true. So there is some debate if she actually did ask him about his wish. But Pelosi said she did and her little grandson wished for “brown skin and brown eyes like Antonio.”

Pelosi was so touched while telling this story she appeared to tear up, calling what her grandson had said, “So beautiful. So beautiful.” She then went on to say, “the beauty is in the mix. The face of the future for our country is all-American. And that has many versions.”

A few people had an issue with Pelosi’s take on her grandson’s wish and Tucker Carlson seemed to present their collective thoughts on this the best.

Carlson couldn’t believe the message that Pelosi was sending her grandson. “Is it healthy to hate yourself for the way God made you?” Nancy Pelosi thinks it is,” said Carlson on his Wednesday night show. Brian Kilmeade said on Thursday’s Fox & Friends that this is not something a good grandmother would say.

Carlson said that Nancy passed along the Democratic Party’s message that certain races are good and others are bad. Some are “so bad that it is beautiful to hate your own innate appearance and want to change.” The online world also had a lot to say about the message Pelosi just passed on to her grandson.

Comments suggested that most grandmothers put in a situation where a grandchild is not happy with their looks would take the opportunity to build up their grandchild for who they are. Pelosi’s take on her grandson’s wish was seen as extremely odd to many folks.