‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Houseguests Concerned About One Player’s Drunken Outbursts And Accusations

Cliff LipsonCBS

On Wednesday night, a few hours after the premiere of the first-ever U.S. Celebrity Big Brother aired on CBS, feeds from inside the CBB US house went live. Most of the action seen on live feeds involved charades and snack-eating, but as the night went on, houseguests could be seen becoming more and more concerned about one player whose outbursts and accusations appeared to be fueled by an excessive amount of alcohol ingestion.

At around 10:25 p.m. CBB US house time, most of the houseguests had gathered outside to relax and chit chat. Brandi Glanville joined the rest of the cast and after joking around with Shannon Elizabeth and Ariadna Gutierrez could be heard telling Chuck Liddell and James Maslow on the CBS All Access live feeds that she was informed they had put her up for eviction.

Big Brother: Celebrity Edition houseguest Mark McGrath chimed in, saying that he thought Brandi’s accusation was harsh, which she did not appreciate. She basically told Mark that she wasn’t speaking to him and it wasn’t his business.

Brandi continued talking, telling Chuck she was hurt because she thought they had experienced a moment. She then revealed that Shannon told her that both Chuck and James wanted her gone.

Eventually, Brandi was persuaded to go inside the BBCeleb house due to the perceived tension brewing outside. After Brandi exited, Omarosa could be heard telling those still outside she is trying to protect Brandi because she’s a mother. She said on live feeds, “Trust me if she was not a mother it wouldn’t matter…”

Brandi returned to the outside CBB US lounge area and shouted, “I’m so excited” and when asked why, she proclaimed, “Why not.” She began once again to talk about nominations and told James she was coming for him because he targeted her for eviction.

Several houseguests were able to get Brandi back inside the CBB US house, and Keisha Knight Pulliam posited that when Brandi drinks alcohol, she acts out. To the amazement of the other houseguests, Keisha revealed that Brandi had called her Rudy Huxtable, the character she played on The Cosby Show as a child. Keisha surmised that Brandi is the reason the alcohol in the house has been controlled by Celebrity Big Brother production staff.

James noted that if that’s how Brandi acts when she drinks, she shouldn’t be given liquor.

Keisha stated that Brandi said a lot of “hurtful stuff that’s simply not true.” She asserted the way Brandi behaved, “wasn’t okay.”

At one point Brandi seemed to feel bad about throwing Shannon under the bus earlier in the evening. So to make up for her outburst, Brandi told Shannon she would take off her clothes to show Shannon she loved her, according to Big Brother fan site Joker’s Updates.

Shannon later spoke to live feed viewers, saying that if her alliance fails to win, she will probably be up for eviction due to Brandi’s drunken accusations, Joker’s Updates reports.

Omarosa, Ross Mathews, Shannon, and Ariadna Gutierrez eventually got Brandi to settle down and prepare for bed. As they did, Brandi continued to ramble on and speak about Ross and their relationship. Ross reminisced, saying to Brandi that they had talked on the phone before they met.

Brandi laughed and drunkenly replied, “We smoked crack before we met.”

Ross yelled, “What?” seemingly in utter shock, as Brandi chuckled and said, “That was a joke.”

Ross then proclaimed, “Oh my God! Brandi, don’t say that!” He then asked the women in the room, “Can you imagine?” regarding Brandi’s comment.

Eventually, everyone in the bedroom scattered once Brandi began making sexually suggestive movements on her bed with a decorative gourd that she grabbed from one of the shelves in the room.

As the Celebrity Big Brother houseguests scattered to their respective bedrooms, talk continued about Brandi, her drinking, and how they were disturbed by her behavior.

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