Kirsten Storms Pregnancy Speculation Among ‘General Hospital’ Fans Addressed By Actress

Omar VegaInvision/AP

Kirsten Storms’ pregnancy on-screen via her character, Maxie Jones, on General Hospital has been so convincing that it has generated a lot of speculation among GH fans that she is pregnant in real life. Until now, Storms did not acknowledge or address any of the online buzz. However, Kirsten has now chosen to tackle the topic via her social media, and this should put the talk to rest.

The General Hospital actress has had a lot of emotional scenes over the past couple of weeks as Maxie Jones mourns the loss of her husband, Nathan West, played by Ryan Paevey. Not only is Maxie newly widowed, she is also pregnant with the couple’s first child. Over the past few months, as Maxie’s baby bump grew, numerous GH viewers wondered if Kirsten Storms was actually pregnant as well.

Many General Hospital fans speculated that perhaps Kirsten was pregnant via a reconciliation with former GH actor and her ex-husband Brandon Barash. The two co-parent their daughter, Harper, quite successfully and spend a lot of time together. However, Storms has opened up over the past few weeks about her current relationship status, and it’s not Barash she’s been seeing romantically. While her relationship status doesn’t necessarily preclude a possible pregnancy, the timing certainly seems relevant.

Storms has made it clear over the past few weeks that she’s currently seeing musician Elias Paul Reidy. As it happens, this isn’t Kirsten and Elias’ first go-around in a relationship with one another. Kirsten and Elias first dated about 10 years ago and were together for some time before they split and she started her relationship with Barash. The General Hospital star hasn’t detailed what prompted the reunion with Reidy, but it looks like things are going well and that it’s still in its early stages this time around.

The General Hospital fan-favorite actress has ignored the talk about a possible real-life pregnancy for a while now, but it looks like she decided it was time to debunk the rumors. Storms posted a photo on her Instagram page showing that she is most definitely not pregnant like her character, and she told followers that this is the only time she would address the speculation.

A fair number of General Hospital fans speculated about Kirsten being pregnant from a place of excitement and positivity. Unfortunately, quite a few were commenting more critically or mentioning things like a perceived weight gain to back up their pregnancy theories. Storms pointed out that people shouldn’t say things online that they wouldn’t stay to someone in person and urged people to keep it classy.

Kirsten’s pregnancy-related post clearly resonated with her fans, as it garnered nearly 25,000 likes in just a couple of hours. Storms also received almost 3,000 comments during that initial timeframe, most of them rallying in support of the General Hospital star’s note.

Many General Hospital fans would love to see the actress expand her family, as they adore seeing her with Harper. However, a baby is definitely not on the way for Kirsten at the moment, and the soap veteran would like folks to get back to focusing on Maxie’s trials and tribulations.

Nathan’s death is generating heartbreak and chaos throughout Port Charles, and viewers are anxious to see how Kirsten Storms’ character, Maxie Jones, will weather these challenges. General Hospital spoilers indicate that there are big things on the way on this front, and hopefully viewers can move on from the pregnancy speculation and simply enjoy the ride ahead.