‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 128 Preview Decides The Fate Of Vegeta In The Tournament Of Power

Previously, we reported the release of the provisional titles for Dragon Ball Super Episode 128 and 129. We tackled the idea of Goku mastering the Ultra Instinct form in his showdown with the invincible Jiren and Vegeta’s possible defeat. Inevitably, the titles and its claims leave a whirlwind of questions within us. Today, the newly released spoiler for Dragon Ball Super Episode 128 shed some light regarding Vegeta’s fate in the Tournament of Power.

Jiren, with his real and dominant form, is now tagged by the preview as the “invincible man.” With his overwhelming form, the Universe 11’s top player pushed Goku and the rest of Universe 7 down to their knees. Vegeta, seeing Goku injured from head to toe, takes charge and faces the invincible Jiren. Now, the big question is, what will his fate be in the hands of the savage Jiren?

One thing that fans feel confident with Vegeta is the fact, he hates losing, and he holds on to his Saiyan Pride. As per the preview, although getting hit by Jiren’s fierce attacks, the Saiyan still holds on to his power source, his pride.

Seeing the title of Dragon Ball Super Episode 128, one can’t avoid speculating if Vegeta getting eliminated in the Tournament of Power. Twitter user @Herms98 quoted the title as the biggest spoiler so far. Is this the final run for Vegeta? Indeed, that’s the question we long for answers to in Dragon Ball Super.

Meanwhile, Goku diligently observes Vegeta’s battle against Jiren. According to the spoilers released, Goku sets in wonder and delight witnessing Vegeta’s encounter. But, something is building up in Goku while witnessing his comrade battle and getting beaten. “What feelings well up inside him?” the spoilers suggest.

Connecting the dots with the titles and the previews from DBS Episode 128 and 129, we can speculate its the Ultra Instinct kicking in inside Goku. Did Vegeta’s elimination rekindle the prominent power within him? Well, it sounds reasonable to think that’s the course of the scene especially witnessing Jiren revealing his true form after Toppo’s elimination.

Further, did Vegeta’s encounter initiate the realization within Goku to master the Ultra Instinct form? Looking things in a deeper perspective, the preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 128 tells Goku is entranced with Vegeta’s fight, which initiated strong emotions to well up. Well, it is not too outlandish to speculate, and as of the moment, we base information with clues and spoilers revealed. Will see how things go, so stay tuned.

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