Mariah Carey Family: Outlandish Stories Of Satanic Cult-Like Upbringing Described By Sister Alison

Mariah Carey usually makes headlines for her diva ways and her whirlwind romances, not to mention her incredible vocal abilities. However, tales of Carey’s tumultuous childhood and her relationships with her siblings and other family members often finds their way into the headlines, seeing as this chapter of the diva’s life seems so far-removed from the lifestyle the superstar has today.

New reports have recently come forth about Mariah’s mysterious upbringing, including stories of cult-like beliefs and practices of the diva’s mother. Carey’s older sister, Alison, relayed these details to Radar Online, indicating that the singer’s mother, Patricia, led her and her siblings, along with other “black-cloaked” figures, in “creepy rites.”

“At a very young age, both Mariah and her sister, Alison, were involved in the ceremonies and participated in them,” an additional insider relays.

Alison additionally recalls that her earliest memory was when she was taken to a service at a castle in Long Island with cult members. Mariah’s older sister goes on to describe more shocking events to which she and her siblings were allegedly exposed.

“It was there that the satanic rituals, led by my mother, took place. I remember people wearing hooded cloaks, standing in a circle and chanting. There was also sexual activity and [animal] sacrifices, which the participants believed would please the deity they were there to worship.”

Now, Alison is struggling. Recently diagnosed as HIV-positive, having been arrested for alleged prostitution, living in a half-way house, Mariah’s older sister describes how the alleged rituals affected her. Radar reports that Alison “was hospitalized in 2015 for severe brain trauma following a mysterious attack.”

“I was trained to run ‘The Group!’ At first, as a small child, I would not understand what was happening — being forced to watch as a struggling animal was violently killed in front of me,” Alison shared.

Carey’s sister then described how she became more aware of the “horror” she says she was being exposed to as she grew older, and how she began to understand that these rituals were not for children to see.

Unfortunately, seeking help from authorities was reportedly not an option, seeing as a number of law enforcement officers were allegedly members of the shadowy group.

Mariah’s older brother, Morgan, also was reminded of an interview the superstar gave early in her career, during which Carey indicated how her mother’s “obsession with the occult… embarrassed her growing up.”

At this point, Mariah is estranged from her struggling sister, despite Alison reportedly having begged the 48-year-old songstress for assistance on a number of occasions.

Last year, sources insisted that Mariah Carey has not turned away from Alison without having first attempting to help her sister. Carey reportedly admitted her heroin-addicted sister to rehab which Mariah intended to pay for in full. Yet, each time, Alison checked herself out and relapsed.

The Mirror shared alleged details of her support from a source close to Mariah on the issue, and wants from her older sister prior to her offering more assistance.

“Mariah can be there with love and support – but at what point do you not enable somebody any longer? She’s looking for Alison to want to help herself.”