Katie Maloney Fires Back At Fat-Shamer Kevin Lee: ‘Don’t Ever Say Anything Like That To Someone’

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Katie Maloney is speaking out about the fat-shaming that took place on Monday night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules.

Following a series of comments from Beverly Hills party planner Kevin Lee in which he defended his comments about Katie Maloney’s weight, the reality star and SUR Restaurant server opened up about her shocking encounter with Lee at a party for Lisa Vanderpump’s role with Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine.

“It was very uncomfortable,” Katie Maloney admitted to Us Weekly magazine on February 6.

Although Kevin Lee told Page Six on February 6 that he’s known Katie Maloney “for a while,” Maloney told Us Weekly magazine that she doesn’t know Lee and had a hard time understanding what he said to her in regard to her weight. As she explained, she had been in a great place with her body image and was feeling healthy at the time his comment was made.

On Monday, fans watched in horror as Kevin Lee shockingly took aim at Katie Maloney’s weight, telling her “as a friend” that she needed to work on her figure and noting that she used to be much thinner. Lee later explained to Page Six that he was just joking and suggested Maloney was being too sensitive about his statements. He even said he thought it would be “fun” to make the comments he did to Maloney.

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Tom Schwartz also responded to Kevin Lee’s comments, confirming that he apologized to Katie Maloney in a “nice letter” after their interaction at Lisa Vanderpump’s event. Schwartz also said that Lee was “way out of line” with his comments at the party.

Despite Kevin Lee’s apology, Katie Maloney said that if he had simply been a decent person, he wouldn’t need to apologize for doing something so controversial and hurtful.

“I just still think don’t ever say anything like that to someone,” she added.

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