'Celebrity Big Brother' Spoilers: Live Feeds Sneak Peek Day 7 - And Brand New Promo Photos

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from a day seven live feeds sneak peek offered a glimpse at the dullness that can be life in the BB house, but also some insight into the first official punishment of CBB US. It looks like Ariadna and James may have come in last in a comp to get punished. Otherwise, the celebs seem to be getting along better than they were on Monday's peek when tensions were running high fresh off the first CBB PoV competition. The feeds came up at about 5 p.m. Eastern and shut down about 15 minutes later. Last night's live feeds sneak revealed the first nominees, HoH and PoV winner and today's offered the punishment preview.

First Punishment Revealed – Who's Suffering?

While Ariadna and James are paying the piper this week, it looks like the celeb houseguests are trying to help them deal with the physical pain that comes with the punishment. The duo is dressed as babies in onesies and bibs and are being forced to crawl around on hands and knees. Unfortunately, it seems that the hard surfaces of the BB house are taking their toll on the two and they're in pain. The nice thing to see was that the other HGs are being kind and helping them out.

Chuck Liddell was up in the HoH room strapping on ice packs to Ariadna's achy knees, and James was allowed to shower in the more private bathroom. He was seen on his knees blow drying his hair and making jokes about the sketchy position. Chuck advised Ari that James was avoiding pain by walking on his hands and feet, bent over, Planet of the Apes style. Despite the discomfort, James showed off his six pack and toned pecs in a green towel giving live feeders (and the lady HGs) a thrill.

Omarosa Implies Gene Simmons Is A Harasser!

A lot of the sneak peek was dullsville, but the talk did turn to some items of interest related to another reality show many of the HGs have been on before – Celebrity Apprentice. Mark was singing a made up song to Omarosa serenading her, and she mentioned that her favorite ringtone was a recording she made of Gene Simmons from their season of CA. She said he sang her name over and over. Then she went on to say that Simmons has "no boundaries" but that was "before all the sexual harassment" stuff.

Jokers Updates and other sites that were recapping the feed leak seemed to miss her reference. Omarosa didn't say specifically how Simmons crossed boundaries, but then she and Mark launched into a conversation about someone else they said that was on Apprentice that crossed boundaries – Gary Busey. Mark said that he was on the season with Busey and Marlee Matlin and he said Matlin introduced Busey to her hearing doctor because he had ear issues.

There might have been more loose talk about The Apprentice castmates, but Shannon rained on the live feeders' parade by reminding Omarosa and Mark that the live feed might be on and cautioned them about minding their words. Right after Shannon's admonition, the feed cameras cut to Ari doing Marisa's makeup in the other part of the HoH room and nothing else was heard. If you care about hair, Ari flat-ironed Marisa's naturally curly hair and everyone agreed she looked years' younger.

Be sure to check out the brand new promo photos below that CBS loaded on their press site today.

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Metta Is Still In The House!

There are loads of speculative comments on Twitter about the baller because the live feed peeks hadn't previously shown Metta World Peace. Some wondered whether he was evicted pre-premiere, but that would be a waste of money to kick him out before the show started. It doesn't even seem like Metta has a target on his back based on house chatter. He was seen on today's live feed sneak peek working out in the gym and making quiet small talk.
In other news, Brandi Glanville doesn't know how to play chess yet accused Ross of cheating in their game. Brandi and Ross cooked together then hung out in the BB speakeasy with Chuck making pointless small talk. The houseguests seemed bored and focused on what meal is next and when they should start cooking to break up the monotony. Everyone seems to be getting along and being very mature which is disappointing. Perhaps the boredom will spark some arguments soon.

What do you think of these CBB US sneak peeks? If you don't have CBS All Access, are these snippets tempting you to sign up? The three-night Big Brother: Celebrity Edition premiere starts tomorrow. Use this schedule to set your DVR, so you don't miss a moment of the BB action. See the CBB US showmance assessment, the all-female alliance previewed in the first sneak peek and the rumors of a mystery 12th houseguest. Get ready for tomorrow's premiere Big Brother episode and check back often for the latest Celebrity Big Brother spoilers.