Kevin Lee Defends Fat-Shaming Katie Maloney, Claims He Was Only Joking: 'She's Very Sensitive These Days'

Katie Maloney was told that she should work on her weight by Beverly Hills party planner Kevin Lee on last night's episode of Vanderpump Rules Season 6.

As viewers witnessed, Kevin Lee brutally told the reality star and SUR Restaurant waitress that she used to be much thinner and asked her what happened. Lee then pointed out that Katie Maloney had gained "a little bit of weight" and looked as if she had lost control of her figure.

One day after the shocking incident aired on Vanderpump Rules, Kevin Lee is speaking out, defending his behavior and claiming he didn't make his comments to intentionally harm Katie Maloney.

"I found [Maloney's reaction] kind of weird," Kevin Lee admitted to Page Six on February 6. "It was a funny kind of joke that I made."

According to Kevin Lee, he had known Katie Maloney for quite some time and believed it would be "fun" to poke fun at her weight. Still, although he insists that the comments were made in a friendly way, he admits that their exchange during Lisa Vanderpump's party got a bit "out of hand."

Speaking of Katie Maloney's reaction to his shocking weight comments, Kevin Lee said that he didn't realize that their conversation had turned hurtful and claimed to have felt bad for what he had said. Lee also noted that he has seen Maloney in the months since their encounter took place and made it clear to her that he didn't mean to say something hurtful.

"She's very sensitive these days," Lee added.

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During Monday night's episode of Vanderpump Rules, Katie Maloney was visibly upset after her conversation with Kevin Lee and ultimately opened up to Lisa Vanderpump about what he had said. Right away, Vanderpump expressed shock over Lee's behavior and assured Maloney that she was a beautiful woman.

Katie Maloney said that while she has struggled with her weight in the past, she's been making a conscious effort in recent months to stay fit.

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