Siggy Flicker Says Fans Will Never Believe What She Went Through On ‘Real Housewives Of New Jersey’

Siggy Flicker announced she was leaving The Real Housewives of New Jersey a few weeks ago because she didn’t think she was a right fit for the show anymore. In fact, Siggy would continuously say that she was so much better than the drama that was playing out on the show, and after Margaret Josephs made an analogy using Adolf Hitler’s name, Siggy seemed to check out. She was furious because her father is a Holocaust survivor and she didn’t think it was appropriate for her to bring up Hitler’s name. Oddly enough, no one else was offended by the analogy.

It seemed like Flicker got a new mission after the analogy. She wanted to hurt Margaret as much as possible and ended up calling her anti-semitic. According to a new tweet, Siggy Flicker is now revealing that she’s the victim in this entire season, and she points out that fans probably would never believe what she experienced while filming. Flicker hasn’t opened up about what she went through, and it’s hard to know what she’s referring to. Fans have already seen her upset about the Hitler comment, and she was upset with her co-stars for throwing a cake in Boca Raton. It seems like she wanted things a certain way, and when things didn’t go well, Flicker seemed to take things personally. She recently opened up on Twitter, revealing that fans wouldn’t believe everything if she told them what happened to her on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

“Don’t be that girl who needs a man. Be that girl a man needs. Believe in yourself & live your life to the fullest & fearless! It’s nice to have an amazing partner who does for you, but know that if for whatever reason it doesn’t work out, you can move that refrigerator yourself,” Siggy Flicker revealed on social media, to which she later added to a fan, “Never in my life would anyone believe what I went thru. Anyway, LA was amazing. Can’t wait to get back there. Hope we can meet one of these days.”

It seems odd that she continues to talk about how she was treated on The Real Housewives of New Jersey as she publicly revealed that she wanted to leave the show. It’s clear that she’s heartbroken over how things turned out, but she also says that she’s worth more than the drama that has plagued her life over the past couple of months. Even though she’s leaving the show behind, Siggy has revealed that she remains close friends with Teresa Giudice and Dolores Catania.

Siggy Flicker is currently not returning to the new season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. As it turns out, she may never return to the show, even if the producers end up recasting the women.

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